Celebrating 50 Years of Dilit IH Rome: A Milestone in Language Education

This year marks a significant milestone for Dilit International House (IH) Rome, an esteemed IH member renowned for its contributions to Italian language education. We are excited to celebrate their 50th anniversary and talk about their special edition of the International Seminar for Language Teachers, ‘In “pratica” eccoci a… 50’.

A Legacy of Innovation and Excellence

Since its inception, DILIT IH Rome has been a pioneer in the field of language teaching and research. Their Training and Research Department stands as a testament to their commitment to advancing glottodidactics—the art and science of teaching languages. This department has been the heart of their school, fostering a culture of continuous innovation and improvement through rigorous experimentation and a forward-thinking approach.

Over the past five decades, DILIT IH Rome's journey has been shaped by dedicated educators, groundbreaking ideas, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. This year, they aim to honour this rich history by celebrating the people and principles that have defined Dilit’s legacy.

The Seminar: A Reflective Celebration

The seminar, which took place on May 25, encapsulated the essence of what makes Dilit unique. The theme centred on a core philosophy that has guided Dilit through the years: a dynamic and reflective teaching practice. At DILIT, they believe in a pedagogical approach that seamlessly blends theoretical reflection with practical application. Their methods are carefully designed and continually refined to ensure that nothing is left to chance and that improvisation has no place in their classrooms.

Learning a new language can be daunting, akin to stepping into a dark room and searching for a window to let in the light. The role of educators is to facilitate this journey, helping students find their bearings and gradually gain confidence. Dilit strives to see the language through the eyes of their students, understanding their challenges and guiding them towards proficiency.

Event Details and Highlights

The seminar, held at DILIT’s premises in Rome, featured two plenary sessions and four interactive workshops designed to engage participants and provide valuable insights into contemporary language teaching practices. Maria Letizia D’Amico, a respected Dilit teacher and trainer, delivered the opening session, setting the stage for a day of learning and celebration. The closing session was presented by Susanna Andrei, another esteemed educator and the coordinator of the seminar.

Looking Ahead: A Toast to the Future

DILIT’s story is one of passion, dedication and continuous growth. Let’s raise a toast to the past fifty years and to the many more to come. We are thrilled to be celebrating half a century of DILIT—a beacon of excellence in language education. Here’s to another fifty years of inspiring minds and opening windows to new worlds. Cheers to their journey!