Lucas Chiusoli Speaks for IH at NEAS 2018 Management Conference

Lucas Chiusoli, Director of Studies at IH Sydney, recently presented as part of the 'Speak for IH' programme at the NEAS 2018 Management Conference with the topic 'Communicating in the Digital Revolution: how to use technology to communicate effectively with staff and students'. Let's find out about his experience!

"Speaking at this national conference was a very positive experience. Although slightly nerve-racking at first, I was really happy with the way the presentation went, and the positive feedback given by the attendees afterwards certainly added to that feeling.

It was great to be able to share some of our best practices at IH Sydney as well as hear about some innovative ideas and solutions being used by other institutions.

Lucas Chiusoli

The diversity of the attendees in terms of their organisations (ELICOS centres, vocational schools, university centres, etc.) and their roles (trainers, academic managers, marketers, CEOs, etc.) has certainly enriched the experience even more, and allowed me to learn more about the industry.

This has also proven to be quite fruitful in terms of networking, giving me the opportunity to connect with dozens of individuals during and after the conference.

I would strongly recommend taking the leap and presenting at a local or international conference. Getting out of your comfort zone is certainly not easy, but it definitely pays off."