Amy Blanchard Speaks for IH at the Innovate ELT Conference

Amy Blanchard from IH Palma recently spoke on behalf of International House at the Innovate ELT Conference in Barcelona on the topic of 'Making Practice Perfect'. Let's find out how she got on!

"Earlier this month I spoke at the Innovate ELT Conference in Barcelona – what a great experience! I delivered a workshop on evaluating and adapting course-book activities. I was a little nervous but the advice I got from IH beforehand was useful and the event organisers were really supportive. My talk was really well attended (including some ‘big names’ in ELT!) and everyone was so friendly and positive. It’s a really great experience going to a conference as a speaker, I found I connected with so many people from all over the industry. Representing IH gave me extra confidence, and lots of people came to talk to me because they work for IH too. I’m really grateful to IH for the speaker’s grant – it meant I could pay for my flights and accommodation, and a lovely dinner afterwards! It’s definitely encouraged me to try and do more talks in the future!"

Well done Amy!