Learn the techniques involved in teacher training

The IH Teacher Trainer Certificate (IH TTC) course provides theoretical background and frameworks for teachers with experience who are looking to move into the field of teacher training. This 100% online, 12-week course gives a detailed understanding into the main issues and techniques involved in teacher training. The next course starts on 8th May 2021.

This course is aimed to help an experienced teacher be better prepared to observe an initial teacher training course or assist on an in-servce teacher development course. It will also be useful for a more senior teacher who wants to develop their in-house Teacher Development role.

David Thornton, University Teacher, Trainer, Tutor and Examiner, took the IH TTC as a logical next step in his career. He found the course focused, flexible and useful, as he reports below.

Why did you decide to take the IH Teacher Trainer Certificate with International House’s OTTI?

Having completed the IH Director of Studies Course and having found a number of modules particularly interesting and relevant to my stage of my career, the IH Teacher Trainer Certificate was the next obvious step. The invaluable contributions and interactions of tutors and course participants undoubtedly motivated the decision too. This even more focused course and certification was the best solution due to the expertise and experience of the training provider, course tutors and participants for such a Teacher Trainer Certification.

How did you find the IH Teacher Trainer Certificate content?

The content was very useful and flexible and covered a broad range but very specific, relevant, practical topics and theoretical backgrounds and frameworks. Reflective and practical tasks and assignments could be applied to course participants’ individual educational contexts and various training and development needs.

With the flexibility to cover both pre-service and in-service teacher training needs. I learnt I had a lot more ideas and experience to actively and effectively participate in the course than I had originally thought. That it was very useful through the sharing of ideas and experience with like-minded colleagues, no matter their age, experience, educational context or stage of career in academic management. It was also particularly useful as it put the experience I had acquired to date, although in different contexts, into a clear and logical structure.

What is the most valuable aspect of the IH Teacher Trainer Certificate?

  • The focused and valuable feedback and interaction with tutors and participants;
  • The weekly individual and collaborative tasks and assignments;
  • The range of theoretical and practical tasks and assignments and reflective and practical contextualisation and application;
  • The sharing of different educational contexts, types of learners and teachers, teacher and organisational training needs.

Would you recommend taking the IH Teacher Trainer Certificate?

Absolutely. The course offers a flexible and staged structure with manageable weekly tasks and assignments together with relevant, interesting and a variety of type of content, ranging from articles to read, audio or video content, and individual research too.

How did you find the process of learning and being taught online?

The IHWO platform offers both flexible and engaging synchronous and asynchronous learning, activities, tasks and interaction at very manageable stages.

Would you recommend the OTTI to a friend or colleague?

Yes, I would and have done so as well as reposting and commenting on IHWO posts on LinkedIn and Facebook. Not only for participants with no or little experience of teacher training but also more experienced teacher trainers too, all with ideas, experience and contexts to share and contribute.

The next IH Teacher Trainer Certificate starts on May 8th, 2021.​