IH Rome DILIT - 40K Challenge!

The 40K challenge continues with many more schools taking part and involving their staff and students. Today we hear from DILIT IH Rome and their great initiative.

Paola Lazzaro – Marketing Director of DILIT IH Rome commented ‘We are very proud to take part in this challenge together with our staff and students. We strongly believe our small actions can impact the whole planet. This is what we do!’

In the picture you can see a walking tour which is part of the social programme they offer their students when they choose to study Italian in Rome. They are focusing on more walking tours than ever to encourage students and staff to walk or ride instead of taking a car or transport.

One of the many advantages of the beautiful Eternal City is that the most famous spots are within walking distance, so every week they take different walking tours to discover Rome all together... in Italian!

From when the challenge started on 1st October up to today, they took their students on the following walking tours:

  • Campo dei fiori 3km
  • Fori Imperiali 2.5km
  • Le chiese di Monti 2km
  • Castel sant'Angelo - piazza San Pietro 5km
  • Largo Argentina 3km

The total distance they have walked so far is about 16km!

Paola further commented: ‘It is a continuous challenge and we will certainly keep walking! ‘ .

Students and staff are enthusiastic about this great initiative to discover Rome and take part in the 40k challenge at the same time!

Photo by Karol Wiśniewski from Pexels