For Academic Managers: Observation and Giving Feedback in your school

As an Academic Manager or Teacher Trainer, you may be looking for ways to ensure the effectiveness of observation in your organisation. The IH Observation and Giving Feedback online course, starting June 26th at the IH Online Teacher Training Institute, is specifically designed for managers looking to improve this process and explore new ideas with our expert tutors.

The course is highly practical and will give you the skills and strategies you need to manage observation and feedback successfully in your school. You will also be able to join a community of like-minded Academic Managers and Trainers on the course and discuss ideas and solutions for common problems.

Susan, a Teacher and Academic Manager from South Africa, took the course with IH OTTI recently. Here she tells us more about the course content and what she found most useful about it.

Why did you decide to take the IH Observation & Giving Feedback course?

I wanted to learn how to work better with teachers of varying levels of experience during an observation cycle.

How did you find the course content?

The course was highly practical and focused on key aspects of the observation process. I learned the value of different observation types and got a deeper understanding of each stage of the process. As a result of this course, I would say, I know better how to use observations for developmental purposes. The materials were presented in a variety of different ways and the forums helped to unpack the issues at hand.

What is the most valuable aspect of the course?

I found every part of the course valuable, but if I had to choose I would say that I liked how the forum discussions and the assignments helped me reflect on and understand both the course content and the context in which I work. I would also have to mention my fellow travellers on the course. I felt that when Maureen, the tutor, gave guidance in both the forums and in assignment feedback she was investing in helping me grow both as an observer and as an academic manager. The other course participants were also an invaluable part of my learning. Their contributions provided a dynamic view of observations as they tackled the course tasks, shared their opinions and wrote about their contexts.

Why would you recommend this course?

Absolutely! I feel so much more confident about this aspect of an academic manager's role.

The next IH Observation and Giving Feedback starts on July 3rd – more course information and apply here!