Paella, flamenco, football, architecture and beaches – Spain has endless crowdpleasers and a culture that’s loved and admired around the world. But it is also so much more than a first glance may suggest. A country of great diversity, of strong regional identities, of colourful cities, staggering landscapes and endless postcard scenes, Spain is a vibrant tapestry; a patchwork of exciting destinations waiting to be explored.

As the most widely spoken language in the world after Mandarin, Spanish is a winning choice for those interested in taking up a language. What’s more, Spain is a top Study Abroad destination, offering something for every type of student.

Down in southern Spain, Seville, Cádiz, Málaga and Córdoba, offer the chance to discover the colours and passions of Andalucia. From its Moorish past and gypsy roots to its stunning beaches and enchanting buildings, this is where flamenco culture comes alive.

In the country’s centre, the capital Madrid and nearby Valladolid offer grand architecture, historic monuments and the opportunity to experience the Castilian way of life. With plenty of prestigious museums and landmarks, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore the land of Cervantes.

To the north is the fascinating Basque Country with its distinctive culture and excellent cuisine. San Sebastián is perfect for learning about the region's traditions, exploring the dramatic northern coast and sampling the local surf scene.

For those seeking that classic Mediterranean ambience, Valencia is a great choice. With beautiful streets to explore, delicious food, perfect sandy beaches and exciting local fiestas, it offers an unforgettable Study Abroad experience.

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