Trinity CertTESOL

Teaching English as a foreign language could allow you to pursue a career that sees you travel the world, make friends across continents and help your students achieve their life goals. It is a thoroughly rewarding and life enhancing experience.

If you would like to develop a successful career in teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) then becoming qualified with International House is the first step. The Trinity CertTESOL is an intensive, initial TEFL qualification designed for people with little or no previous English language teaching experience or training.

The CertTESOL is certified by Trinity University and as a result is highly regarded internationally and recognised by Ofqual at level 5 on the Qualifications and Credit Framework.

Taking a qualification such as the Cambridge CELTA or the Trinity CertTESOL is essential if you want to pursue a career in TEFL. Both courses are very practical and will give you the confidence and skills you need to teach English to adults effectively.

Who takes a Trinity TESOL?

You might be a graduate who wants their first job to be teaching overseas or someone who has worked in a different career for several decades and is looking for a change. Some people use the TESOL as a way to travel the world; others teach students in their home country.

Do I need to speak the language of the country that I would like to teach in?

No, you will learn how to teach English without using the students’ native language. This means you can teach students of different nationalities in the same class and teach in countries all over the world. (Though we would always encourage teachers to learn a language themselves, it will give you a very important insight into the challenges your students face).

How long is the course?

You can either take the course intensively over 4 weeks or part time up to a year.

What does the CertTESOL involve?

Standing up in front of a class for the first time is a daunting prospect, so you need to make sure you have the skills you need to teach effectively. The CertTESOL has the following core components to prepare you for the classroom.

  1. The course is 130 hours in total and you will receive a lot of input from your tutors on teaching methodology, lesson planning, language analysis and language skills.
  2. You’ll have the opportunity to observe experienced teachers in a real life language classroom situation and learn about the different skills and techniques they use.
  3. You will teach real language students throughout your course and by the end you will have had 6 hours of observed and assessed teaching practice. This practical experience is invaluable when you start your first job.
  4. As well as being assessed in the classroom, you will complete written assignments based on the input you receive. There is no final exam, you are assessed throughout the course; so you can learn and improve as your progress.

Every course is moderated by an external assessor, appointed by Trinity University.

What is the difference between CELTA and CertTESOL?

CELTA and CertTESOL are very similar courses. The content, mode of delivery and assessment are very similar, however the two courses differ in terms of more specific components and types of moderation and assessment. Trinity lays great emphasis on reflective journal writing, professional development and self-evaluation for trainees. Both courses are accepted by the British Council and all IH schools as initial TEFL qualifications.

Schools offering this course

IH San Sebastián

San Sebastián, Spain