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Lacunza ih San Sebastian - Spanish courses offers a variety of courses for people from abroad staying in San Sebastian for some time, from a few months to several years. You can start from zero in our Trimester courses and really learn Spanish in a few months in a very structured and affordable course. We can also offer full flexibility in our private lessons. During the Covid-19 outbreak all classes are now available online. ( Intensive & Extensive in mini groups, private classes and our Junior Summer Course).

Next to Tabakalera, the school is modern, with 17 classooms, all equipped for the learning of Spanish. And the best is our professional and permanent teachers and staff. Guided by our Director of Studies, we have carefully developped our syllabus, courses and classes to make learning an enjoyable and effective experience.


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Specialist Courses

  • Online Classes
  • Young Learners Courses
  • Corporate and Business Courses
  • Cambridge, IELTS or other Exam Preparation Courses

We may be miles apart but technology allows us to be closer than ever.
We offer you the opportunity to be teleported to Spain, to learn from native teachers and to meet other international students... all from the comfort of your own home.
You may not be able to travel at the moment or you may have always wanted to learn Spanish in Spain but never had enough time or money, well, here is your golden opportunity.
You may be worried about distance learning but technology actually helps our teachers to make classes more engaging for students.
Our school has gone virtual now but we want you to feel exactly as if you were in one of our classrooms and enjoy the incredible atmosphere of an international school, so close your eyes and let us bring you to Spain.

We offer a wide range of virtual courses for every age, format and budget :

Intensive 20 course 
15 hours a week in mini group.
Our most popular course! Perfect to meet same
level students from all over the world!

Intensive 20+5 course
15 hours a week in mini group + 5 private classes a week
Perfect for exam prep or to
focus on a specific subject.

Extensive Course
3 hours a week in a mini group
Made for those who study
or work at the same time.

Private Classes 
Fexible schedule – just you with your teacher
For students from different timezones
and who work faster on their own.

Junior Summer Course
7h30 of Spanish a week in mini groups
For our teens aged 14-17
Make the most of your summer
and boost your Spanish!

For all our Adult Courses :

• Super Reduced Groups (between 4 and 6 students).
• NO enrolment fee and NO summer supplement!
• FREE trial session and level test prior to class for free.
• Possibility of observing an online class for free.
• You can start every Monday (please consult if you’re a total beginner)
and you can study for as many weeks as you want!
• 1 class is 45 minutes. Class hours are reduced from 1,5 hours to 1 hour or 45 minutes if your mini group has 3 or 2 students or if you are by yourself.
• 10% discount on your next course in San Sebastián in 2020 or 2021 - Only for students completing an online mini group course or purchasing a minimum of 10 private classes.

Included in the price :

• All material.
• Course completion certificate.
• Free additional tutoring in mini group every Thursday from 15.00 to 16.00.
• Free virtual cultural or social activity per week organized by one of our teacher.


  • Spanish

Specialist Courses

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The City

San Sebastian is located at the coast of the beautiful Basque Country. The city stands out for its beauty, its beaches and mountains, its old part of town, its waves, its gastronomy and its calendar full of events all year long. The city is surrounded by mountains with hiking trails where you can enjoy nature and beautiful views.

Its powerful ocean makes this city a real paradise for professional surfers as well as for beginners. The city is also known for its outstanding gastronomy. Try the bite-sized snacks in the “pintxobars" and the tempting daily menus of some of international master chefs.

Curso de formación inicial dirigido a personas interesadas en el campo de la Enseñanza del Español como Lengua Extranjera (E/LE) o segunda lengua (L2). Nuestro curso de formación de Profesores te ayuda a descubrir y desarrollar las destrezas necesarias para tu desarrollo docente.

El curso tiene una duración de 150 horas dividas en:
65 horas presenciales de teoría: centradas en el estudio de metodologías, técnicas, tareas y análisis lingüístico de la enseñanza del español.
55 horas presenciales de práctica: donde se imparten clases a estudiantes voluntarios. En estas sesiones también hay tiempo para la observación de clases y para el análisis en grupo de las clases impartidas.
30 horas de tareas autónomas: el alumno prepara su diario de clase, su portafolio y sus sesiones prácticas.
Nuestro curso está reconocido y certificado por UB Virtual-Universitat de Barcelona.

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