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We ensure that you can keep on learning and maintain your learning routine as usual even in the special circumstances caused by the covid-19 crisis. Our online language courses (English, Romanian, French, German, etc.) for adults and children are available for you in virtual classrooms equipped with everything you need to carry out your favourite, most engaging class activities, and managed by the same friendly, helpful and motivating teachers as always.

For over 18 years in Romania, International House Bucharest offers high quality services to its partners and is famous for the English courses it provides.Throughout its activity in Romania, International House Bucharest has been training over 15.000 employees in more than 350 multinational companies, which operate in all industries in our country.The awards received along the years have proved that the motto “Happy Learners are Effective Learners” stands for a measurable reality, and the 11 excellence points out of 12, received after the last Eaquals inspection, increase the trust level and the dedication of its partners in carrying on the cooperation with number 1 centre for language teaching in Romania.International House Bucharest is member of the most rigorous European association that supervises the standards for teaching foreign languages: European Association for Quality Language Services – EAQUALS.During the last inspection commonly carried out jointly by quality inspectors from IHWO London and EAQUALS (in March 2018), all the international standards for a foreign language centre have been checked.During a 4-days very strict inspection, the EAQUALS inspectors have monitored 49 specific quality standards, grouped under 12 chapters:TeachingAcademic Management – Curriculum and SyllabusAcademic Management – Progress Assessment and CertificationAcademic Management – Quality AssuranceAcademic ResourcesOther Services to Course ParticipantsStaff Contracts, Terms and ConditionsQualifications, Experience and TrainingCommunicationsInformationPremisesManagement and AdministrationAll teachers have been observed in the teaching process, at all levels and for all types of courses under implementation at that time (Business English, English for kids, Romanian for foreigners, etc.), all IH employees have been interviewed and all the working procedures have been analysed thoroughly and according to the latest developments in the area.11 excellence points out of maximum 12 possible!


  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Specialist Courses

  • Young Learners Courses
  • Corporate and Business Courses
  • Cambridge, IELTS or other Exam Preparation Courses

International House Bucharest (IHB Language Training Center SRL) is an affiliate member of International House World Organisation, a global network of language schools headquartered in London. IH has been a trendsetter in language teaching for over 60 years, and it laid the basis for present-day CELTA as an initial teaching qualification through the teacher training programme it launched back in 1962.

IH Bucharest was founded in 2001 and has been the market leader in English teaching in Romania, a position repeatedly acknowledged by the Romanian Private Companies National Ranking, organised by the Council of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of Romania. We have taught business English to more than 12,000 students to date, in over 300 client companies.

IH Bucharest’s Teacher Training Centre was launched in May 2019 and it is

  • the only Cambridge-approved centre in Romania that provides the face-to-face IHCYLT course for teachers of English to young learners and teenagers
  • one of only two centres in Romania accredited to run the CELTA course, whether part-time or full-time, face-to-face or online
  • the only centre in Romania which organises Modules 1, 2 and 3 of the Delta course, and one of about 90 centres in the whole world to provide the complete Delta

IH Bucharest is also a member of the one of the most rigorous organisations that monitors language teaching standards: the European Association for Quality Language Services - EAQUALS (www.eaquals.org). The latest EAQUALS inspection (2018) identified 11 out of 12 points of excellence at IH Bucharest, in the following areas:

  1. Management and Administration
  2. Course Design and Supporting Systems
  3. Assessment and Certification
  4. Academic Resources
  5. Learning Environment
  6. Client Services
  7. Quality Assurance
  8. Staff Profile and Development
  9. Staff Employment Terms
  10. Internal Communications
  11. External Communications

If you are interested in doing your CELTA or Delta with IH Bucharest, please check our website for the dates and fees of the upcoming courses.

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