Welcome Torquay International School!

International House World Organisation is really proud to welcome Torquay International School to the IH family, as International House Torquay.

Torquay International School is one of the longest-established (since 1972) schools in the UK. The school’s language offering for international students includes General English, Exam Preparation, Discover Devon 50+, English for Families, Young Learners, and much more!

It feels like no coincidence that Kevin McNally's career started with International House. The Torquay school Director became an English language teacher by taking the CELTA course at IH London in the mid-eighties. He has worked in the international education industry for 33 years. Looking for his next move in 2016, he bought into Torquay International School and took 100% ownership. He now divides his time between London and Torquay, enjoying the two very different lifestyles. He is in Devon during the week, and London at weekends, which he claims is possibly the wrong way around!

When asked why he decided to join International House, Kevin said, “International House sets the standard to which all schools should aspire. I want International House Torquay/Torquay International School to become known as a centre of excellence, where quality comes first in everything we do. Joining IH is a very important step on the way to achieving that ambition.”

The school team is incredibly strong. They passionately believe in the quality of their school and the courses they offer. They have decades of experience in delivering engaging, results-driven courses and are very excited about the prospect of tailoring courses so that they meet the specific needs of every student. Typically, groups are small (maximum 4 or 12 students) and emphasis is placed on challenging students to progress as quickly as possible, in a friendly and supportive environment. The main aim is to do everything possible to help each of their students achieve their aims. They do this by listening carefully to their students’ study history, current situation, plans and ambitions. 

The school’s longevity and success is based on two slightly unusual business approaches they take. The first is that the school’s marketing is almost exclusively internal, based on a client consultation process, which involves all students and many staff. This results in excellent rates of referrals and returners, and very happy and fulfilled colleagues.   

Secondly, one of their primary focuses is accommodation, which they consider a core product, and give it as much time and resource as the academic programme. This has made them known throughout the industry as a school that has an exceptional accommodation offer. 

As a result of this amazing work, around 10% of their students return each year!

The school offers a varied social programme with activities, ranging from a tour of the town, to a barbecue evening in the school, to the Dartmoor sunset walk, to visiting the surrounding villages including Salisbury and Stonehenge. Many activities on offer are related to the sea, beach, and countryside. There are also many festivals which take place throughout the year, such as the International Agatha Christie Festival and the English Riviera Film Festival.

Our COO Lucy Horsefield said, "I am delighted to welcome Torquay International School to the International House network. Kevin McNally and his team are an ideal match for IH in so many ways; from their commitment to quality, to their client-focused approach. The excellent reputation Torquay International School has in the industry is very well deserved and we are really looking forward to working with them. It is particularly nice that Kevin has a history with our organisation, having trained and worked for IH in the 1980s. It is wonderful to have him back in the IH family!’