Welcome to Our New Affiliate: IH Edinburgh!

We are delighted to share that there is a new IH affiliate, IH Edinburgh! This progressive school and its dedicated team have a lot to offer, and they will be a fantastic addition to the IH network.

Roland and the team at IH Edinburgh show the commitment to quality that lies at the heart of International House,” said Emma Hoyle, Managing Director of International House World Organisation. “We are thrilled to have such a school as an IH affiliate and equally happy to now have an IH in the fantastic city of Edinburgh.

We appreciate that the team at IH Edinburgh understands the importance and value of being part of a global network. They are predominantly a study abroad school, offering courses such as General English, Business English and Exam preparation. However, they also run a wide range of modern language courses, covering an impressive fifteen languages in total!

As well as language courses, the school provides a bespoke translation service, with fully certified professional translators working in most of the world’s languages.

Roland Becker, the director of IH Edinburgh, has had a long career in the language education industry, prior to opening the school he was the centre director of Berlitz Edinburgh for five years. He opened inlingua Edinburgh in 2005 and built a strong reputation quickly, becoming accredited by the British Council just five years later. After successfully implementing EU-funded Leonardo da Vinci courses (which later became Erasmus+) teacher courses, they moved to bigger premises in 2011 to accommodate the increased number of students.

I am delighted to join the prestigious IHWO and meet my new network of colleagues around the world and in the UK,” said Roland. “When asked what my business/ school is there are two words that best describe us: an ‘international house’. The world comes through our door and our daytime business is predominantly teaching English to students from all over the world. In the afternoons and evenings, we teach the international local community all fifteen languages, and each classroom will have a different language being taught.

The school is located on the bright third floor of a building in Edinburgh’s West End, just off Princes Street, the city’s iconic main shopping street. Princes Street lies on one side of the valley that divides the New Town and the Old Town, making it the perfect point to explore both areas. The West End is a vibrant district, home to theatres, restaurants and concert venues. The centre is easily accessible by foot from anywhere in Edinburgh and is served by multiple bus routes from in and around the city.

This friendly and welcoming school prides itself on a family-style atmosphere and the high number of repeat clients shows that students feel equally at home. The social programme for Study Abroad students aims to showcase the rich culture of the country and immerse students in the language outside the classroom. In the city, students can enjoy Ceilidh Scottish dancing, whisky tasting, conversational pub nights and walking tours of the many picturesque neighbourhoods and landmarks. They can venture further afield with weekend excursions to the must-visit Scottish Highlands and other iconic destinations such as St Andrews, Loch Ness and Glasgow.

For our International House network, a school in the iconic and much-visited city of Edinburgh is a great venture and we know lots of students and teachers will be excited to hear the news of a new IH affiliate in the top TEFL destination. The city is seeing an EFL revival, so we expect exciting times ahead for IH Edinburgh. As well as English, the increased popularity of learning foreign languages bodes well for the school that teaches a wide variety to such a high standard.

Please join us in welcoming Roland and the team. Feel free to reach out to them and introduce them to the fantastic collaboration opportunities available.