Welcome IH Adelaide: A New Campus Opens in South Australia

We are thrilled to announce that IH Sydney Training Services’ new campus in Adelaide is opening on 31st October 2022. This exciting new addition brings the total number of IH schools in Australia to eight and provides a new destination in the country for students wanting to study in an IH school.

Tim Eckenfels at the IH World offices

With such an exciting announcement, we interviewed Tim Eckenfels, CEO and owner of IH Sydney Training Services to find out more about the new school. “After getting such a great response to the opening of our new IH Gold Coast and IH Byron Bay campuses in 2021, we wanted to continue into South Australia.”

Following a series of successful years, Adelaide was a strategic next step for IH Sydney Training Services. The city has become a top destination for international students in recent years, mainly due to its affordability compared to some of the other major Australian cities.

“The opening of IH Adelaide is fantastic news and a real testament to the hard work of the IH Sydney Training Services team,” says Beccy Wigglesworth, Director of Member Services. “Their flexible model promises more opportunities to both students and agents and it's great to see IH schools adapting to the changing market and exploring new opportunities. We are thrilled for Tim and his team and admire their dedication to providing top educational and cultural experiences.”

Courses at IH Adelaide

The new school will follow the model of other campuses in the IH Sydney Training Services group. There will be an enriching range of courses from improving English and English-language teaching, to targeted qualifications in business, project management, and social media and digital marketing. The vocational career-focused courses provide a double goal for students; as well as improving their English language skills, they will develop skills to make them more employable.

IH Sydney Training Services Adapts to New Markets

As the network of IH Sydney Training Services grows to seven schools, they are wisely adapting their programs around the changing needs of students in Australia. As many people who choose to study in the country want to see as much of it as possible, they tend to lead transient lifestyles. Tim’s team have taken this into account and provided the ingenious option for students to easily move between the campuses while keeping the same timetable and without incurring any extra cost. Being able to change destinations according to their needs and lifestyle is a really valuable benefit for students. As is the opportunity to move from ELICOS to career-focused courses with the same provider. Students can start learning English in Melbourne and build on those skills with specific career-focused programmes in Byron Bay, the Gold Coast or, from now on, Adelaide.

This direct response to their students’ situation really highlights the adaptability of the IH Sydney Training Services team and shows a great understanding of their audience of both students and agents. “It gives agents and their clients another student destination choice,” Tim remarked. “Choice in the first instance – where and when to study – but also the choice to move to follow the sun, work, vineyards, surf and so many more interests… You no longer need to choose between travel and study. Do both!”

Adelaide: A City Full of Opportunities

Adelaide city centreFor so many reasons, Adelaide is a great location for students looking for an authentic experience in Australia. It is a buzzing city that promotes a relaxed lifestyle and combines great beaches and wine regions with rich cultural offerings such as festivals and a multicultural food scene. With its diverse population, we think it offers a valuable experience to students who can get to know people from all over the globe.

As Tim himself says, “It has a European feel with an Aussie vibe. Outside of class, students can go to the theatre, take a surf, head to the cricket or a winery, and then out for a high-quality meal. All happening within a one-hour drive from Adelaide.”

We are so excited for prospective students, who now have even more choices of study destinations in Australia. It’s great to see our IH network growing as schools expand and implement ambitious plans for the future.

Tim Eckenfels summarized the group’s mission perfectly when we asked him if there were any lessons the team had learnt along the way and would like to share, “The COVID pandemic has reinforced how important our values and our mission are, and how it’s crucial to ‘walk the talk’. We aim to create a better world of global citizens through life-changing learning and shared experiences. We provide world-class education, service, and employment by connecting students, educators, and employees in caring and supportive environments throughout Australia.”

Watch the team's video to get a taste for the city and what the school has to offer :

See more information about the school here: https://ihworld.com/schools/countries/australia/ih-adelaide/