Victoria IH ELT One-day conference 2020

Victoria International House Ancona/Jesi was very proud to host its fifth annual teachers conference last month. The theme this year was ‘It’s a kind of magic’. They reflected on the fact that sometimes teachers need to be like magicians! In the classroom we need to keep our students’ attention high, keep them engaged and interested, and be ready for when the unexpected happens.

Victoria International House Ancona/Jesi were proud to have guest speakers from near and far. They had Chloè Pakeman Schiavone (IH Pescara) and Glenn Standish (IH Torùn) from within the IH network. They also had AISLi speaker Joanna Paolinelli (British schools Pisa) and their own IH Victoria speakers, Louisa Adams, Roderick Fraser, Mike Fitzgerald and Chantelle Walsh. There was also a talk by Jim Robinson (Pearson) and their main speaker was also sponsored by Pearson, Antonia Clare. ELI publishing, Usborne books and Cambridge English were also present. A special thanks to the main sponsor LanguageCert.

Many themes were covered including all the ways which we can keep our learners engaged in the classroom. They looked at video storytelling, teaching slang, inclusive teaching for students with dyslexia, interactive games and technology, to positive psychology.  It was a very worthwhile day and was received very positively by the delegates present. It was filled with practical and thought-provoking sessions and have left participants with lots of tricks up their sleeves to bring more magic into their own classrooms.