South Italy Conference 2019 hosted by IH British School Reggio Calabria

Last weekend IH British School Reggio Calabria was delighted to host the IH South Italy Conference, “(Etna) From the Other Side”, and welcome fellow teachers from IH Giga Catania and IH Palermo Language Centre. The conference, which takes place annually at one of the Southern Italian IH schools, offers an occasion for the teachers in those schools to pool their knowledge and share some of their favourite teaching ideas.

A total of twelve workshops were delivered by teachers from the three different schools, covering a range of topics such as use of music, videogames and stories in the EFL classroom, classroom management with YL, low-prep and photocopy-free activities, inclusiveness, innovative ideas for writing and gapfills, the forgotten senses, assessment and so much more! Teachers left the conference feeling energized and with a bag of new tricks and tips in hand to help prepare more effective, inclusive and engaging lessons.

To end the day, conference participants enjoyed each other’s company, while relaxing over a delicious, Calabrian dinner in an elegant restaurant overlooking the Messina Straits.

Everyone’s looking forward to next year’s conference, which will be hosted by one of the Sicilian IH schools.

Read below for the comments from some of the participants:

“This is an event that the teachers from our school look forward to every year and this year’s event didn’t disappoint. As a teacher, it’s great to have the opportunity to speak to colleagues in a different location and bounce ideas off each other. Obviously there are the workshops, but even speaking to people over a coffee is an opportunity to learn in this environment. Everyone is so friendly and enthusiastic about the day, which actually makes presenting easier as well. As I do every year, I immediately implemented some new ideas in my lessons the following week and I’m already looking forward to the event next year! I would like to say a big thank you to IH British School Reggio Calabria for their hospitality, we had a great time. And we especially enjoyed the free notebooks! " Martin Johnston - IH Palermo LC

“At the South of Italy Conference, I had the opportunity to give a workshop for the first time and I couldn’t have asked for a better crowd. Having met most of the teachers last year at other conferences, I felt super comfortable around them and knew they would support and participate fabulously. It’s a really great chance to build relationships with other South Italian schools.” - Mariah Rosslee, Teacher -IH British School Reggio Calabria

"I have been lucky enough to attend the South Italy Conference for the last two years. It’s fantastic to leave with a notebook full of ready-to use ideas, some of which I have already put into practice! I think as teachers, it's difficult to stay motivated and energetic during the month of January, and the conference gives us the opportunity to get inspired again and new tricks to put some life back into our lessons. It was a pleasure to catch up with some old friends and see some lovely new faces too. I hope everyone else felt as spoiled by the evening meal as I did!" - Cesca Berlen, E-DOS - IH British School Reggio Calabria

"I’ve never thought I could enjoy a conference that much but I did. I learnt a lot and it was definitely a good experience for me, as a new teacher. Thank you for the opportunity and to be honest, I still can’t believe I gave the speech in front of all the teachers. It was nerve-wracking but I’m glad I did it."  Elaine - Giga IH Catania

Alla prossima!