Junior Spanish Online Programmes – Summer 2020

Wherever you are based in the world, juniors can learn Spanish from the comfort of their home. They will have the opportunity to experience the culturs of Mexico and Spain, meet new students from all over the world, engage in fun games and entertaining social activities, all with the usual IH quality of teaching.

These supervised programme will provide your children with a fun and engaging experience this summer!

International House Queretaro – Meet México! (kids 6 to 9 and teens 10 to 15 years old)

Four weeks offered in summer in four parts of Mexico.

Each week your kids and teens will be immersed in the customs and traditions, food recipes and beverages, art and music of each part of Mexico. We will make piñatas, tacos, Mexican crafts, and do projects on Mexican culture.

Our live (fully-supervised) Online Spanish Immersion Junior Programme gives students a special opportunity to expand their horizons.

Studying Spanish with highly-qualified teachers is the best way to develop their language skills. Your kids (6 to 9 years) and teens (10 to 15) can ask them questions, receive immediate answers, and obtain personalised feedback.

Start 20 July
Finish 14 August
20 hours per week
USD $ 230.00 per week

International House San Sebastian - Lacunza – an international experience (14-17 year old)

This year Lacunza IH Junior Summer Course is virtual.

We know you are concerned about your child’s progress in Spanish. Lots of students have not been to able catch up with their classes at school, that’s why we are offering our Junior Summer Course Online.

Our programme combines general Spanish courses online with same level students from all over the world, collaborative projects to increase their communication and intercultural skills and virtual activities to know better Spain.

More than online classes, we offer our students an international experience.

Level test and trial session for free and without obligation.

CLIC International House Sevilla, Malaga, Cadiz – Live Online Spanish Camp

How can you guarantee kids will keep on learning and improving their Spanish this summer?

Teaching Spanish to young learners is far from new to CLIC IH and 2020 has brought new challenges for all of us.

Find your way to a quality Spanish Junior Course that preserves and boosts the motivation of young learners, something that does not admit a hint of boredom.

We decided to rethink the whole thing because technology, if used well, can be a great ally. Live online Spanish for juniors offers live and lively lessons, a virtual campus, and an icing on the cake.