International House Torquay Acquires Accent International

International House Torquay has announced its acquisition of fellow Devon school Accent International.  Kevin McNally, owner of IH Torquay, and Mark and Jackie Waistell, owners of Accent International, finalised the sale last week. It will take effect on 1st January 2022. Mark will continue in an on-going role as consultant to ensure continuity of service and a seamless handover.  Accent’s face-to-face classes will change sites from the current location, in Bicton, to the IH campus in Torquay. Lessons will take place in a separate building on the campus, maintaining Accent’s unique brand and product delivery.      

Kevin said “I am thrilled and honoured to bring the Accent brand into the IH Torquay family. Over the last 30 years, Mark and Jackie have built an unparalleled reputation for quality and service, providing training for top-level executives and decision-makers from all over the world.  Accent’s corporate client list reads like a selection of Fortune 500. In addition to their face-to-face training and overseas seminars, Accent Virtual, the online division established more than 12 years ago, has grown considerably during the pandemic and will be able to continue to provide online Specialist English for their corporate clients. My team and I will work hard to protect and develop Accent’s reputation in the market, and we are all extremely proud to be the new ambassadors of this centre of excellence.”

 Mark said, "We are delighted that Accent International is being delivered into the very safe hands of IH Torquay. With its distinct presence on the campus but with the benefit of IH Torquay's infrastructure, marketing capabilities and reputation for quality, Accent can look forward to many more years of excellence. I am personally excited to be working with Kevin and the IH Torquay team, as a consultant, and this will help to ensure the combination of continuity and innovation which will create success."