IHWO hosted a webinar with EAQUALS about Generation Z Students

International House World Organisation was delighted to host the webinar "Learning with our Generation Z Students" in collaboration with EAQUALS.

Diana England (from IH Torres Vedras | Lisbon)  delivered this very thought provoking topic. The objective was to address these questions: What are 21st century skills and how do supposed characteristics of post-millennial / generation Z students fit in with the expectations and demands of our classrooms?  And importantly, how do language teachers connect these to produce engaging, effective and enjoyable teaching and learning?

Different organisations have developed their own ‘frameworks’ of 21st Century Skills, and these vary depending on the purpose of the organisation – either biased more towards ICT and digital learning, or aimed at those who will be moving into the workplace. This webinar concentrated on Learning and Thinking skills, as well as Life and Career skills, and Information, Media and Technology Skills.

Why is it relevant for language teachers to deliberately incorporate these skills in a principled way into teaching?  Because: English alone is not enough – knowledge of English is the baseline only; communication skills are key; many skills are culturally and linguistically dependent. Teaching a language is not just about teaching the words and grammar; it’s about using the language as a medium to develop other skills. English is a tool.  So it’s a means to an end – of our students being better equipped to deal with a known present and an unknown future.

Watch this interesting webinar here >>