IH Welcomes New Schools in Spain, Italy and France

International House welcomes new schools in Spain, Italy and France 

International House World Organisation (IHWO) today announced the affiliation of three new schools to the IH network.

“We are delighted to welcome these three new schools to our network. In both Spain and Italy they are joining a large number of IH schools, some of which have been affiliated since the 1950s and 1960s. In France we are particularly pleased to grow our presence, and hope this will be the start of many more new schools in this great country. We will be working alongside all three new schools to continue to raise academic standards and support business growth.” Beccy Wigglesworth IH World, responsible for membership development.

IH Santiago de Compostela, Spain

 Since 1979, El Centro Británico has been at the forefront of English teaching in Santiago, expanding later into the neighbouring towns of Milladoiro and Bertamirans.  With 40 years of experience and a commitment to personalized teaching supported by innovative pedagogy, the centre ensures that its students achieve their goals. Today, the centre offers a high quality educational experience in a pleasant environment, with the best facilities and up-to-date technology at a competitive price.

 El Centro Británico joined International House to become IH Santiago de Compostela in order to strengthen the professional development of the team, given the wide range of conferences, workshops and courses offered by IH all over the world.  The high standards of IH are in line with those upheld by El Centro Británico, a centre that prides itself on its pursuit of excellence and continual development in teaching and learning in a motivating environment where the students and their goals are the highest priority.

To be part of the most well-renowned international association of language schools is an honour for our academy.  We consider IH to be a pioneer in the sector when it comes to professional development and we believe this alliance will be extremely beneficial to us in that regard.  The centre has always been committed to ongoing teacher training, offering a weekly session in which teachers come together to exchange experiences, give workshops and do practical activities with a view to improve the educational experience for our students.  The whole team, including management, teacher trainers, directors of studies, teachers and marketing personnel are now able to participate in courses, workshops, and activities offered by IH worldwide.  From its inception, the academy has always welcomed people from around the world, providing a global experience.  We feel that this international aspect of El Centro Británico will be complemented and strengthened by this new partnership with International House World Organisation

By Robert Paul Musker Martínez, Director of IH Santiago de Compostela - El Centro Británico

IH Pescara, Italy

 IH Pescara - Athena Docet is located in Pescara, a modern town in central Italy, on the Adriatic coast. The school was established in 1986 and since then has built a solid institution, able to offer language courses to private students, local schools and companies, and holds a special commitment to personalised teaching. With over 30 years’ experience, the centre has developed a rounded philosophy to the teaching of language that is shared by its staff and which nurtures and supports students on their language journey. 

In 2000 Athena Docet obtained authorisation to administer Cambridge English Assessment examinations. The school is now a Platinum Centre, running more than 3000 exams per year, on and offsite, in the region of Abruzzo. In 2013 it became a member of AISLi (Associazione italiana scuole di lingue) which guarantees and encourages quality education and teaching. In 2017 the school became an offsite venue for IELTS in collaboration with International House Milan, and more recently organized its first CELTA course in collaboration with International House Accademia Britannica Rome. These breakthroughs were made possible by a great management team that shares and supports ideas and values based on quality and professionalism in the teaching of languages.

 Following the school’s induction into AISLi, Athena Docet was looking for an international partner who could help to nurture the business whilst reflecting a commitment to quality.  International House is renowned for the support it offers to its associates, particularly with regards to training and professional development.  CPD was an area that the school felt needed an innovative approach, and IH were the obvious choice for the centre as it began to look towards the international market of language training.

Darwin is famously quoted as saying, ‘It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change’. I perceive our school as an organism which is continually pursuing quality and excellence in language teaching. Being able to follow the winds of change in a constantly evolving market is fundamental for our schools and as a Manager I feel committed to offer my team and all my customers the best in terms of professional development. I now feel very proud to be part of International House, which is for us a window on the international market of language schools, giving us a wider perspective in the world of language teaching and offering us many interesting opportunities for development

By Antonella Taraborrelli, Founder and Managing Director of IH Pescara - Athena Docet

IH Toulouse, France

 The Cambridge Centre started out in 2001 as a very small school dealing essentially in Cambridge exams, their preparation and teacher support programmes in south-west France. It was started by Mike and Kate Nicholls who were running the exams locally and who had an international BC background. Jo Imart who now runs the school joined them at the outset. By offering specialist programmes for professionals and group classes for young learners and teenagers, the school has grown to become one of the main language schools in Toulouse and has always maintained the ethos of the provision of quality language teaching and learning.

More recently, the school has expanded into larger premises and is now offering intensive group courses at different levels throughout the year.  It has also extended its product range with the full range of Cambridge Assessment English exams and BULATS tests in the 4 skills, still specializing in their preparation. The centre also runs classes in other languages and plans to move further into Cambridge Assessment English exam programmes for teachers with more dates for TKT courses and CELTA is on the agenda for 2018.

The school will benefit from its affiliation to International House in its branding along with the additional opportunities to expand product range. In the longer term, IH Toulouse – The Cambridge Centre will be happy to work to create a network of other like-minded schools in France in order to begin working nationally as well as internationally.

I’m delighted to bring our school into the IH network. Thanks to Lucy and Gavin on the IH roadshow when they came by Toulouse! I see it as an excellent opportunity and an inspiring one.  It’s easier to aspire to being a mover and a shaker when you’re surrounded by them!

By Jo Imart, Director of IH Toulouse – The Cambridge Centre