IH Portugal Schools Training Day 2024

How can being part of IH benefit teachers and schools?

The IH schools in Portugal demonstrate every year the value of being part of a network of schools with their annual IH Portugal Training Day. Teachers and academic managers from the IH schools in Portugal gather in a chosen location to share knowledge, meet old friends and make new ones.

On Saturday 27th January 2024 IH Coimbra – Olivais and Santa Clara was the host for the event. Schools from Braga, Viseu, Porto, Lisbon and Torres Vedras joined the Coimbra team for a day of enriching sessions on topics that ranged from grammar, reading and writing to specific learning difficulties, cooperation in the classroom and AI, among others.

The delegates presented sessions on topics close to their heart or projects that they had been working on. It was a great opportunity to get feedback from their peers and for the audience to take inspiration.

The day-to-day routine of teaching can sometimes lead to stagnation or the tendency to stay in your comfort zone as a teacher. Events like these are a fantastic opportunity to open teacher’s minds to new approaches, opportunities and ideas. Getting fresh perspectives on an experience or challenge can provide the helping hand needed to find a different solution or idea.

As well as the benefits for professional development, conferences like these are a great way to connect with teachers in the same country. The social aspect is just as important as the professional, especially if teachers are part of a small team in their own school.

What a fantastic example of collaboration! When you’re part of the IH network, you never have to struggle alone.

Check out IH Coimbra’s photo montage to see more of the event.