IH Mexico City – Sátelite Moves to New Building

IH Mexico City – Sátelite has moved to a new building in the heart of Ciudad Satélite.

The location is strategically positioned within walking distance from the main avenues, cafés, restaurants, stores, and conveniently near one of the most visited shopping centres in Latin America, Plaza Satélite.

“Situated in front of a big park and the county’s Centro Civico, our students can ride their bicycles and enjoy a much safer environment which also provides plenty of parking space,” said José Antonio Marañón A., Director Comercial.

The school also took part in the 20th National Examinations Summit for International House Mexico, which took place from August 22 – 25, 2018, reviewing the achievements of the English exam sector.

The theme of the event was the importance of Cambridge Assessment English certifications at international level.

It was also reported that last year’s targets for examination sales and delivery in the school, higher education, education, and business sectors were exceeded and news of these excellent results was shared with the national IH team during the event.

IH Mexico said they were “delighted to celebrate this great achievement with Cambridge Assessment English”.