IH Huelva 50th Anniversary

Congratulations to IH Huelva on their 50th anniversary!

Toñi Rios, Commercial Director, said the school’s longevity is down to being innovative, forward thinking, and upholding the company ethos of quality and individualised attention. 

How does it feel to be 50? 

Fantastic !.  We think that here at IH Huelva we can feel extremely  proud that after 50 years we are still the reference point and the benchmarkers for good quality language learning in the city and province of Huelva.

What do you think were the key elements that brought your school to this success?

Undoubtedly, forward thinking, market sensibility and upholding the company ethos of quality and individualised attention in spite of some very difficult crisis periods over the decades in the Spanish economy.

What are the key milestones that you are particularly proud of?

Firstly, being the first language school in Huelva in the 1950’s at a time when Spain as a whole wasn’t particularly open to the rest of the world and what it could offer. Secondly being innovative and able and willing to adapt to the new challenges the “English Teaching world” has undergone over the years, and more recently when 4 years ago we expanded the school and completely renovated the premises to offer students and workers alike our current, well-equipped facilities in the heart of the city centre.  In our recent birthday celebrations, one of the many guests was the Lord Mayor of Huelva who underlined the fact that to a large extent, IH Huelva has most definitely been responsible for “opening the minds and expectations of a wider world through language learning”  for a great many people in Huelva over the decades.  Something of which we think we can be justifiably proud.

Could you tell us a funny story about something which happened in the school that you still remember?

Rather than any one particular incident, we think that many colourful characters have passed through our doors and continue to do so embedding the school with a sense of being alive and in constant movement – the very essence of life itself.  Here’s to another 50 years !!