Enhorabuena CLIC IH Seville! The school celebrates its 40th anniversary

El tiempo pasa sin anunciar su prisa. ¡Disfrutémoslo juntos!

December the 1st was a very special date for CLIC IH Seville and its directors, staff and students. More than 300 hundred guests joined a fun-filled party that included delicious celebratory food and a great variety of live performances including opera, rock and soul music—something for every taste to dance to.

The school’s story began in 1983. It was the first CLIC school and started small. It soon grew, as did its reputation for top-quality teaching, fantastic teacher training and excellent, authentic accommodation for visiting students.

The school expanded to such a level that it now offers the same high-quality services in Cadiz and Malaga as well as Seville. Every year around 4,000 students from 35 countries choose to have their adventure with CLIC.

Directors, staff, agencies and students gathered in the large central patio of the school to enjoy food and party activities. The party kicked off with a bang at 7 pm! Various partner agencies made the most of their visit by taking a tour of the recently refurbished school premises. Including an early glimpse of the newly designed roof terrace wall and swimming pool.

Bernhard Roters, founder of CLIC IH, and Blanca Roters, General Manager, gave an emotional speech full of funny memories and moving anecdotes. Bernhard and Blanca took the opportunity to express their gratitude to all the local and international guests for their ongoing and invaluable support to CLIC IH Sevilla, Cadiz and Malaga.

The party continued into the night and was followed by a gourmet brunch on Saturday morning. This was the perfect way to premiere the new kitchen pavilion swimming pool on the rooftop terrace of the school.

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