New Editor of the IH Journal

We are delighted to announce that we have appointed Christopher Walker as the new editor of the IH Journal. Congratulations!

Here are some words from Christopher:

“My name is Christopher Walker, and I'm the new editor of the International House Journal. I've been with International House for the better part of two decades now, having originally completed my CELTA studies with IH Krakow. My work has not taken me very far compared to many of my colleagues - in fact, I've spent almost all of my teaching career in Poland. But I have had the good fortune to meet teachers from all around the world, both at my school and online, and I am really excited to be joining the journal as the editor as I know it will mean meeting many, many more!

As an avid reader of the journal, I'm both delighted and honoured to find myself involved in continuing the fine traditions established by the writers and editors that came before me, and I am greatly looking forward to reading the articles that you submit. I encourage all prospective writers to look through previous issues of the journal to get a sense of what we're looking for - but if you're unsure, I'm only an email away." 

Write for our next editions!

We are relaunching the IH Journal in 2023 (as part of our 70th Anniversary Celebrations) and are now preparing our Spring ‘23 and Autumn ‘23 editions. 

A journal needs high quality content, so we are reaching out to friends of International House including past, present and future teachers, trainers and managers to contribute. Having your work published in the IH Journal is a great achievement and you will be recognised alongside our illustrious list of past authors.

The International House Journal was founded in 1996 as a forum for debate, a platform for new ideas and an opportunity to debunk myths. The IH Journal is read by practising language teachers, teacher trainers and managers all over the world. It seeks to be readable but serious, to be useful in the practical classroom environment and to reflect the innovative role which International House has within the languages teaching profession. If you are a language teaching expert, teacher trainer or teacher and would like to contribute to this discussion the IH Journal is the place for you!

The majority of articles are between 1,000 – 1,500 words in length. Longer articles are welcome, although we have fewer per edition.

All articles are carefully considered before publication and the editor may ask you to revise certain sections or provide other feedback to help you improve or develop your work, helping in a supportive manner particularly if you are a first-time writer. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that every submission will be published, and may advise that an article will appear in a later edition.

The deadline for submissions for the Spring 2023 edition is 31st March.

We hope you are inspired to write for us, and look forward to hearing from you. For additional guidance see writing guidance here, or mail