Lacunza IH San Sebastian wins the Green Positive award

Lacunza IH San Sebastian wins the Green Positive award from FECEI (Federación Española de Centros de Enseñanza de Idiomas) for its environmental sustainability initiatives.

On May 1st, Lacunza IH San Sebastian received the FECEI Green Positive recognition at the FECEI Top awards gala held at the Santander Festival Palace. These awards, organized by the Spanish Federation of Language Schools, aim to promote good practices among the member schools of the network.

Lacunza's award-winning environmental project

Inspired by the IH Environmentalist scheme and motivated by the idea that sustainable actions are more successful when they involve all members of the school, Lacunza IH San Sebastian decides to create the "Sustainability Committee", a multidisciplinary team to launch a series of environmental initiatives and contribute to positive change.

Thanks to their commitment and dedication, the working group made up of directors of studies, teachers, customer service personnel and the maintenance team have launched initiatives to raise awareness among students and families and to integrate sustainability actions into our management.

Michele Bogaard and Mariela Cecchi received the award on behalf of the entire team of which they are a part: Marian Pérez de Barradas, Mihaela Palimariu, Emma Scholfield, Susan Tanner, Brigit Clunies-Ross, Maitane Tapia and the tireless work of the maintenance team.

These are some of the initiatives that the work team has led:

Creation of educational content
Creation of pedagogical material on sustainability within the Lacunza Aventurers program with an educational framework of four of the UN sustainable development goals: life on land, life under water, zero hunger and clean energy.

Pollination garden
Initiative to involve families in collaboration with Mundaiz ikastetxea. The native plants were specially chosen to provide the necessary habitat for local insects, which pollinate the plants that provide the food we humans eat, and are also an important resource for birds and other animals. Just a little ingenuity like this can turn a vacant lot into a valuable environmental resource and a great learning opportunity for children.

Save a tree
Initiative to save the use of paper.

Water consumption
50% reduction in water consumption, thanks to filters and other initiatives.

Verifying the green credentials of our suppliers
Lacunza IH San Sebastian has verified the green credentials of its suppliers. Publishers that meet environmental requirements. The toilet paper and paper towels come from a company that uses recycled cellulose fibers from beverage containers, the paint in the classroom is now just acrylic and water-based, meaning the waste is non-toxic to dispose of and since June 2021 Lacunza IH contracts energy from renewable sources.

The Green Positive Award
The Green Positive category in terms of sustainability of the FECEI Top Awards recognizes companies that apply good practices that have a direct and indirect impact on the community, that can be replicated and that include teaching values beyond languages, aimed at educating and sensitize the new generations in terms of environmental commitment.

Congratulations to the entire Lacunza IH San Sebastian team!