IHWO Welcomes IH Lecce

We are delighted to welcome IH Lecce to the International House network of schools. Located in the southern Italian region of Apulia, Oxford Group in Lecce has been working in education, training and language teaching for over 40 years.

They have grown over the years because they believe in always doing better, so IH is a logical next step in their journey. As the director of the school Emanuele Sponsiello says, “becoming part of something bigger, part of an international recognized organisation and a known leader in its field will help us to keep improving as a school but also provide a space where we can share our experiences with other like-minded people and schools and exchange ideas which will ultimately provide our learners and staff with a better experience”.

The strategy of IH Lecce - Oxford group has been to distinguish itself from other institutions for the quality of and innovative approach to teaching. They offer a wide range of general English courses from very young learners to teaching training, from general English classes for groups of teens and adults to individual bespoke ESP lessons. Students can join groups either face to face, online or blended.

Through the Covid pandemic we all learnt that human beings are "social animals". Resuming social activities and forming a social community through learning a language can help to rebalance ourselves. Being able to visit the beautiful city of Lecce to learn Italian will be one way to do that. Italian classes are available all year round. The city is full of history and fabulous Baroque architecture, amazing food and wine, shops, bars, restaurants and nightlife and of course it is near the coast and surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. It is well connected for both national and international travel with two airports and a mainline station.

For the school, joining IH means “educating future generations and opening their minds to different cultures and the importance of community. Being part of the truly international IH network gives students a better chance to be citizens of the world and embrace multiculturalism and internationalization”. The Director of the school Emanuele Sponsiello believes that “everyone has the right to reach their full potential whatever their points are of individual strength and in whatever direction they choose to go”.

One of the core foundations of the IH network is creating effective networks for sharing amongst our academic teams. We are looking forward to welcoming the academic managers at Oxford Group IH Lecce, and we hope they are looking forward to it too. As the current DOS says, “it means an exciting opportunity for growth and development.