IH Torres Vedras - 40K Challenge!

As of the 1st October the 40,000 km challenge has started! Many International House schools have committed to putting their enthusiasm and energy into bringing the challenge to their communities and teams. IH Torres Vedras & Lisbon has already involved the whole school in this initiative. 

We were really pleased to see that International House Torres Vedras & Lisbon have started to walk their first steps to help us achieve our global goal of 40,000Km!

It was great to hear from the school that from the very beginning the whole team were excited about the project. As soon as they spoke about the project they immediately had lots of ideas as to how to integrate this initiative in their programmes and activities.

The 40 Km Board!Beci, their environmental ambassador made a wonderful board which you can see on your left!

You can see the preparation stages and the final result of the IH Torres Vedras challenge board. Isn’t it the best board ever? Everyone in the school from the 1st of October has started recording their individual KMs/week walking or riding a bike. 

As well as joining the challenge they have started other initiatives such as joining a night run arranged by the local council, where they will donate a prize for an environmental raffle; having the students participate and the local community and many more activities! 

Stay tuned to see what IH Torres Vedras & Lisbon are up to and what other ideas our schools will implement to start walking the 40km challenge!