How Irksome is Ironing

Who loves ironing? Probably not many of us. It is generally considered a mundane and tedious task.

We admit that ironing is not a huge environmental issue, but here is a cast iron excuse to cut down on it, and save the environment at the same time!

The problem with ironing is the energy used to heat your iron. An iron consumes as much energy as ten 100 W light bulbs. Burning any energy has an environmental cost, so finding any ways to cut down is beneficial.

A smart crisp shirt is an essential for many occasions, and we are not advocating that we all start looking scruffy the whole time. But here are some tips to cut down on the amount of ironing you need to do and save yourself some time into the bargain.

  1. You don’t need to iron socks and underwear. Just don’t.
  2. Iron shirts when a teeny bit damp. The creases will come out like a dream!
  3. Hang clothes as soon as they are washed – don’t chuck into a washing basket. Those creases will drop right out.
  4. Some fabrics don’t need ironing – folding carefully will get rid of all creases. Don’t iron what doesn’t need it. 
  5. Turn the heat down. Only some fabrics like linen and heavy cottons need the hottest temperature.

You are not going to save the planet singlehandedly by cutting back on your ironing, but you may help a bit and give yourself some more time to do something a whole lot more interesting.