Ela Chudoba Speaks for IH at IATEFL Poland

Ela Chudoba, Director of Studies at IH Bielsko-Biała, spoke for International House at the recent IATEFL Poland event. Here, she recounts her presentation experience and how she handled her inquisitive audience. 

Dear IHWO,

Thank you for helping me deliver my first IATEFL Poland presentation! Thanks to your financial support and trust (speaking on behalf of IH! Wow!) I found the event extremely enjoyable and inspiring in many ways, despite the initial apprehension. Even though I selected a very narrow topic (always risky!), the room was full which reassured me in my choice: presenting grammar to YLs is an issue many teachers struggle with, especially when following the coursebook too closely or planning presentation stages haphazardly.

During the session it quickly turned out that I was very fortunate to have an audience who were not only friendly and supportive, but also inquisitive (in a very positive sense!). The questions and issues raised made it clear that the session was needed and I was later approached by a couple of participants with some follow up questions! Wow!

Thank you IHWO for this great experience!

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