5 (More) Reasons to Learn a Language!

Earlier this week, we posted an article with 5 reasons why you should learn a language. As you may know, here at International House, we are very passionate about language learning, so we've come up with 5 more reasons why you should embark on a language journey, whether that's in your home country or overseas if you fancy the adventure of studying abroad. Wherever you choose to learn, find out more about the cultural and professional reasons for learning another language below!

Understand the Roots of Your Own Language

Many modern languages today are the derivatives or combinations of older, possibly archaic languages. English itself is a West Germanic language with influences from French, Latin and many others. It can be a fascinating pool of knowledge to dig up, particularly if you’re interested in linguistics, and can help you understand the roots and early meanings of your own language.

Eat Up Culture As It Was Intended

Once you start grasping a language at an intermediate level, you can begin indulging in lots of the culture which can help to further your understanding. From poetry and literature, to music, films and even Netflix series, you will get a different, more nourishing experience from being able to understand art and culture as it was intended, with a bonus of learning slang and cultural nuances which you may not have learnt academically. For anyone learning Spanish, see our blog post ‘5 Great Series for Improving your Spanish’!

It's Good For Your Brain

Studies have shown that learning a new language can lead to increased concentration and memory in the brain’s executive control system. This area of the brain takes care of high-level thought, multi-tasking and sustained attention. The science shows that if you can start to switch between two different languages with little effort, you will find a similar experience switching between tasks. And you don’t even need to be fluent for this to start making you feel a sharper!

Land Your Dream Job

Learning a language can have its difficult moments, so if you can see a tangible benefits at the end, such as spicing up your resume, it can help to push you on. One of these could be for your career, where knowing a second language can put you ahead of other candidates, or mean that you get to travel abroad. It’s easy to assume that all business can be done in English or with an interpreter, but conversing in the local language is more personal, leading to better relationships, quicker communication, and more professional opportunities.

Just Because

If you’re not convinced yet to broaden your language horizons, why not give it a try just…
... Because we are living in an increasingly globalised world, where people travel and settle down in other countries.
... Because it contributes to breaking down the concept of ‘otherness’.
... Because a small effort to learn another language, even for a holiday, can go a long way among locals.
... Because learning a new language is technically an endless process, and you could continue to be amazed at what it offers you in your future.
... Because you can get an outsider’s perspective of your own culture, and therefore learn more about yourself, your country and your place in the world.

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