YL Conference 2021

25-26 November 2021

We are really pleased to confirm that the YL conference this year will be hosted online from the 25th to the 26th November 2021. 

Download the conference programme here >>

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the conference this year. All International House YL teachers, DOSes, YL coordinators welcome! 

Participants will be from all over the world and there will be a mixture of plenaries and workshops with both Young Learner related managerial content and practical classroom ideas.

As always we are looking forward to sharing the wealth of expertise in the IH network. This will be an opportunity to share old and new ideas, to explore principles and procedures of YL teaching and to collaborate with the wonderful IH YL community.

This year plenary speakers include: Anna McQuinn, an editor, publisher and author of children’s books on Using inclusive picturebooks with young children, Kate Pickering, author, teacher and teacher trainer on Using project work to get students involved in collaborative learning and Katherine Stannett an author with over twenty years of experience who will be delivering a talk on how the English classroom can and should be so much more than simply a place where our students learn a language.

As always there will be many talks, on a wide range of subjects, from teachers and trainers from across the IH network and more. These include: exploiting illustration; going coursebook-free; adapting Cambridge YLE materials and activities for hybrid/ online lessons; using authentic video material with Young Learners; taking a holistic approach to CPD; teaching VYLs online; exploring crafts; dealing with parents; writing; the role of the SENCo within a language school and many more.

Thursday 25th November 8:30 am - 15:00 pm UK time

  • Classroom Management Galore! 20 tips to keep your cool in any classroom. Robert Martinez - Lacunza IH San Sebastian
  • Using inclusive picturebooks with young children, Anna McQuinn - plenary speaker
  • What we learned from going coursebook-free, Chris Bain - Akcent IH Prague
  • Illustration and practical activities to use with very young learners, Barbara Vagnozzi - plenary speaker
  • Primary Word Power: Building on vocabulary, helping communication. Andrea Littlewood - IH Madrid
  • Looking beyond the classroom, Katherine Stannett - Plenary Speaker. This talk is sponsored by National Geographic Learning
  • The invaders or the allies? Parents in the VYL classroom, Anka Zapart - IH BKC Moscow
  • Think, collaborate, listen: soft skills in the primary classroom. Tiziana Pace - IH Milan & San Donato
  • Using Technology with Young Learners, Holly Ross - El Centro Británico, Santiago de Compostela
  • Adapting Cambridge YLE materials and activities for hybrid/ online lessons, Elena Bran - IH Bucharest

Friday 26th November 12:30 pm - 18:30 pm UK Time

  • ‘Is it worth it?’ – The role of the SENCo within a language school. Maria Samsel - IH British School Reggio Calabria
  • Story-telling, Joan Meredith -  Speaker
  • Using authentic video material with Young Learners, Glenn Standish - IH Toruń
  • Taking a holistic approach to CPD, Teodora Manole - IH Bucharest
  • Using project work to get students involved in collaborative learning, Kate Pickering - plenary speaker. This talk is sponsored by Macmillan Education
  • Anonymous Writing, Pilar Capaul -  IH Buenos Aires Belgrano
  • It’s a Zoom out there! - What we’ve learned from teaching VYL online. Sisi Rabenstein - IH Madrid
  • Crafts – beyond paper and scissors, Irina Mutu - IH Bucharest
  • We might run out of essentials , but we will never run out of ideas! Xana de Nagy - IHWO YL Coordinator

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