IH Young Environmentalists

29 October 2020
14:00 to 14:45

We are proposing setting up a working group or “committee” of students from IH schools around the network to design and run a campaign to raise awareness of sustainability and environmental issues. 

The committee could meet monthly, for example, on Zoom and agree upon what they could produce for the campaign, which would then be shared through all the IH channels. For example, they may choose to make an animated video, or a newsletter or anything they think would raise awareness of the any environmental issue they choose to focus on. 

Join this webinar, led by Lucie Cottrill, to discuss how it will work and how your students and teachers can take part.

Thursday 29th Oct, 2pm UK time, in this Zoom Room


We believe there are innumerable benefits:

  • It motivates enthusiastic students and gives them the opportunity to practise their speaking and listening skills in a meaningful and real-life manner
  • It gives them the chance to practise their English with learners from different contexts and cultures.
  • It allows the students to learn and practise 21st century skills such as team working, intercultural communication, digital literacy etc.
  • When shared, it will show the world how committed your school is to important topics such as the environment.  
  • It shows your local market yet another benefit of the school being part of a global network.

If you can't attend but would like to get involved, please mail Lucie at IHWODOSCoordinator@ihworld.com