IH Reggio Calabria's Annual Conference for English Teachers 2023

Grand Hotel Excelsior, Reggio Calabria
22 November 2023
08:30 to 15:15

The Balancing Act: Conference for English Language Teachers

IH British School Reggio Calabria’s annual conference for English Language Teachers is set to take place on November 22nd from 8:30 to 15:15 at the Grand Hotel Excelsior, Reggio Calabria, Italy.

This event will bring together renowned experts, educators, and professionals in the field of English language teaching to explore innovative approaches, discuss current trends, and share insights on the future of ELT. Participants who are staying for the whole day can experience the delights of Calabrian cuisine in the lunch offered by IH British School Reggio Calabria.

To quote one of the Managing Directors of IH British School Reggio Calabria, Patrizia Quattrone: “Our annual conference is a highlight for so many teachers in their school year - it is a time for us all to reunite, share experiences and ideas, and learn alongside like-minded colleagues in an inclusive and welcoming environment. We are so happy to be able to offer this unique opportunity to teachers of English from Calabria and further afield, and it is one which is fully aligned with our commitment to continuous learning at IH British School Reggio Calabria”

The Programme

PLENARY (Morning)

Anne Robinson
Learning English, Exam Preparation, and the Real World
Students often struggle to see the connection between English lessons, exam preparation, and real-life applications. Anne Robinson, a seasoned language educator and online teacher trainer, will delve into strategies that bridge this gap, emphasizing the relevance of class activities and exam tasks to future skill development.

Bio: Anne's passion for languages was ignited by an inspiring French teacher, Mrs. Luscombe, at school. With extensive experience working with Cambridge Assessment English, Anne is a seminar and webinar presenter, course designer, and the author of various publications, including "Fun for Starters" and "Fun for Flyers."

IH Team Lingue
Tomorrow is today – An insight on students’ life and education
IH Team Lingue, a part of the IH World Organisation family, will showcase its commitment to educational trips that not only teach foreign languages but also foster personal growth and development. With a rich history dating back to 1983, IH Team Lingue operates as a Tour Operator, Language School, Cambridge English Examination Centre, and Translation/Interpreting Agency.

Sarah Ellis
Embracing AI in ELT
Sarah Ellis, Senior Manager of Assessment Services at Cambridge Assessment English, will explore the benefits and risks of emerging EdTech, particularly the use of Artificial Intelligence in English Language Teaching. This session aims to equip language professionals with insights into AI tools and activities that can enhance the classroom experience.

Bio: Sarah is deeply involved in teacher training, assessment, and exam management. Her current focus includes supporting teachers in developing digital skills and assessment literacy.

Gail Mitchell
Interview with Gail Mitchell: Insights into Cambridge Speaking Exams
Gail Mitchell, English Teacher at the University of Messina and Local Team Leader for Cambridge English Speaking Exams, will be interviewed by Simon Brown from Cambridge University Press and Assessment. The conversation will delve into Gail's extensive career, the changes in speaking assessment, and her top tips for preparing students for speaking exams.

Bio: Gail's three-decade-long career spans language teaching, authorship, and leadership roles. Her profound insight into the challenges faced by Italian students, coupled with her role as Team Leader for Cambridge English, makes her a valuable contributor to the conference.

The IHBSRC DoS Team: Lisa Phillips, Shannon Thwaites, and Jennifer Veit
Time to Fill - Our Favourite Low-Prep Activities
This dynamic team from IH British School Reggio Calabria will present a session on engaging and educational low-prep activities suitable for various classroom settings.

Bio: Lisa Phillips, Shannon Thwaites, and Jennifer Veit bring a wealth of teaching experience to the conference, each specializing in different aspects of language education.

WORKSHOPS (after lunch)

Anne Robinson
Bringing Language, Skills, and Learning to Life
Explore ways to build students' confidence in discovering and using English, helping young learners develop essential skills, and connecting English to the outside world.

Mark Glanfield
Talk for Writing - Teaching Writing to Primary Students Through Speaking Activities
Mark will introduce the Talk for Writing approach and its adaptation for primary students, emphasizing its global effectiveness in improving writing skills.

Vince Palombo
Capeesh? Translanguaging Inside and Outside the Classroom
Vince will delve into the benefits of translanguaging, debunking myths, and showcasing its role in empowering learners.

Simon Brown
Cambridge One: Paving the Way
Simon will explore how the Cambridge One platform encourages learners to be active agents in their learning and assessment processes, fostering autonomy.

John Shaw
Better Feedback for Controlled Practice
John will share dynamic ways to provide meaningful feedback, making reading, writing, and grammar exercises more engaging for students.

Alessandro Suizzo
Multimedia Board for Creative Language Learning
Alessandro will lead a practical session on using multimedia boards for creative and enjoyable language learning.

Join us for this unique opportunity to interact with mainstream educators, learn from experts in the ELT industry, participate in thought-provoking discussions, and gain valuable insights to enhance your teaching practices.