IH Innovation Conference

13-15 November 2018

We are delighted to announce the return of the IH Innovation Conference. Our second online event will take place from November 13th - 15th. 

Over the course of three days, IH staff will have the opportunity to learn and be inspired from a selection of webinars covering a wide range of topics. You can watch live, catch up offline later, or enter into the discussion on the IH Customer Experience Forum.

Innovation is fundamental to a business’ success. If we can embrace new products and processes we have a greater chance of becoming more productive and successful.

Sessions will be delivered through Abobe connect - click here for the link.  There is no need to register in advance.

The schedule is:

Tuesday 13th Nov: 10am GMT

Communicating in the digital revolution: How to use technology to communicate effectively with staff and students

Lucas Chisoli (IH Sydney)

In this talk Lucas Chiusoli presents some of the tools IH Sydney have been using to communicate more effectively with their teachers and students. From WhatsApp, Facebook and Microsoft Office to mobiles and Student Management Systems, there is a plethora of ways communication can be streamlined and optimised. 

Participants will be encouraged to share their own ideas and practices with each other, and by the end of the session attendees should have a tool bag of innovative tech-savvy solutions that can be implemented when communicating with team members and students.”

Tuesday 13th Nov: 12noon GMT

How to get your customers to promote you!

Neil Preston (IH Brisbane), Alina Starikovich (IH Minsk), Simon Harris (IH Sofia)

This panel discussion will shed light on how these three schools score among the highest in the NPS rankings (Net Promoter Score) which IHWO has been measuring as part of Inspections.

Wednesday 14th Nov: 10am GMT

The learning experience manager

Peter Waters and Kate Steencamp (Apollo IH Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh)

At Apollo IH Hanoi and IH Ho Chi Minh there are no DOS, ADOS or Academic Managers. Instead the academic team are led by Learning Experience Managers (and Senior Learning Experience Managers). Pete and Kate will describe why this is, how it works and its effect  - both on clients and the teaching team.

Wednesday 14th Nov: 3pm GMT

How can I help you? Ask me!

Dina Godinho (IH Torres Vedras) and Janet Sinclair (IH Braga)

IH Braga and IH Torres Vedras describe their innovative programme where IH students volunteer to provide practical help for tourists visiting their towns.  This gave students real live situations in which to practice their language skills, and opportunities to come into contact with different cultures without having to leave their own town.

Thursday 15th Nov: 10am -4pm GMT

The 5 E’s framework: Empowering your teams to deliver great experiences

Beccy Wigglesworth (IHWO)

Focusing on the customer is critical.  However, it’s the teams in your schools who deliver great experiences. They must be enabled to do this. The 6 E’s framework is a way of thinking about your own teams so you can engage and empower them.

This day of the innovation conference is being delivered in a different – hopefully innovative - format. Approximately hourly throughout today, I’ll be posting discussion questions in the IH CX Forum. There will be no online presentation!

Remember to sign up to take part!  

We hope participants will be able to learn from fellow IH schools who have improved their business performance. International House schools are renowned for their cooperation, and there are many opportunities for academic, administration, marketing staff and directors to benefit from each other’s learning.