Atomic Habits for Language Learners With Jonny Maitland

29 April 2024
12:00 to 13:00

Join Jonny Maitland from IH Cordoba in this developmental webinar as he explores how encouraging habits in language learners can benefit their learning journey.

This webinar will be recorded and emailed to everyone who registers. IH World will not provide certificates of attendance for this webinar.

Atomic Habits for Language Learners

Drawing from James Clear’s bestseller Atomic Habits we will look at ways our students can make minuscule changes in their daily lives and how the compound effect of these decisions will have a transformative effect on their language learning journey.

Speaker Bio

Jonathan is the Academic Manager at International House Cordoba, Poniente. He has been a teacher and examiner for over 15 years. Outside the classroom, he enjoys hiking and birdwatching in the Spanish countryside.