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Taming the Wolf - A Blended Online Course on BESD

Taming the Wolf - A Blended Online Course on BESD

Who is it for?

This course is for teachers who teach young learners and want to understand more about dealing with students with BESD (Behavioural, Emotional and Social disorders). Watch this introductory video for more information:

Previous course participants said:

"I found this course to be very informative and useful. It was full of great techniques of how to cherish, teach and understand children with special emotional, emotional and social needs.”

“Thank you so much for running this course, IH and Emily. You have empowered me to be more helpful without having to be a specialist or a guru. There’s a lot more to learn but this is a great bite-sized chunk. Thanks again!”


Due to the limited time frame of the course, participants should be aware that Taming The Wolf is a brief overview of the issues, and the practical solutions, involved in working with children with challenging behaviours. It is not equivalent to an educational psychology qualification. It is a new field in ESL pedagogy and Emily is doing her best to proceed as ethically as she can. Although she is continuing her work in this field, the course is designed to be an introduction to helping these special kids only.

Also, participants should bring some experience of working with younger learners to the course and are required to contribute to all 4 modules of the online forum task to be eligible for an attendance certificate.


Session 1: Understanding the nature of the wolf.
• What is BESD? (Behavioural, Emotional and Social disorders)
• How does BESD manifest itself?
• Why does it happen?
• How do kids with BESD feel?
• How do parents feel?

Session 2: Adapting as a teacher; demonstrating empathy for the wolf.
• How do parents feel? (Cont.)
• How do teachers feel?
• Challenging our own feelings and reactions
• Identifying triggers, behaviours and consequences

Session 3: Practical approaches; How to tame the wolf.
• Teaching kids to positively express emotions
• Breaking down defensive barriers
• Reducing and removing triggers

Session 4: Practical approaches continued.
• Developing a nurturing classroom
• Promoting and developing constructive empathy skills
• Promoting effective peer support
• Some success stories!

Structure & Assessment

The course will be a combination of weekly Live Online Workshops (LOWs) and week long follow-up asynchronous forum tasks and discussions. The Live Online Workshops take place on a Friday at 12.00 GMT.

The Online Workshops in the course are run by Emily Lee. Emily currently works for IH Cordoba but has worked for IH for 6 years, in Bratislava and Valladolid. Before working as an ESL teacher Emily had a history of working in various roles in SEN educational support for children with emotional and behavioural problems, both within mainstream and 'special schools'. Emily has also worked in the social care sector.

There is no assessment in this course.


IH staff: £50 (excluding VAT)

                £60 (including VAT)

Non IH staff: £100 (excluding VAT)

                         £120 (including VAT)


Upcoming course dates and enrolment deadlines for IH teachers will be advised soon.

How to Apply

Fill in the application form and send it to Tanya Harn - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Download Application Form