IH Certificate in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers

The IH CYLT prepares teachers for the specific challenges of working with young learners and teenagers, through a blend of online learning and face-to-face assessed teaching practise. 

Who is it for?

  • Qualified and experienced language teachers that are interested in teaching young learners
  • Qualified and experienced language teachers who have already taught young learners but would like specific training


There are 20 online sessions covering areas such as: Child Development, Clarifying and Practising Language, L1 in the classroom, Teaching Very Young Learners, Teaching Adolescents, Material Design and Selection.

Structure and assessment

  • Two written assignments: one on teaching materials, plus a self-reflection task, assessed by a qualified online tutor
  • Four teaching practise sessions with two different age groups, observed by a local tutor with YL experience in an IH school.


The course is taught online by qualified, experienced YL English teachers who hold an online tutoring qualification. Suitably qualified local tutors conduct the observations and the final portfolio is moderated by the IH Assessment Unit. The grading of the course is Fail, Pass or Distinction.

Time commitment

The course takes 12 weeks and will require a minimum of 5 hours’ online work per week, plus time for writing assignments.

Trainees are required to spend 6 hours observing peers and more experienced colleagues, and carry out a minimum of 3 hours of observed teaching practise, eg. 4 x 45 minute lessons


If the fee is paid by a registered business outside the UK, 20% VAT will be deducted from the course fees.  

Course fees must be paid in full prior to the start date. 

This price is for the online component only. Additional costs may be incurred for a local tutor to carry out assessed teaching practice. International House World Organisation is not responsible for providing candidates with a local tutor or suitable classes for teaching practice.

This price includes moderation by Cambridge English Language Assessment, in addition to the usual IHWO Assessment course moderation. This means that the certificate you receive if you pass the course will have the Cambridge English Language Assessment logo on it and the words ‘Moderated by Cambridge English Language Assessment’.