IH Certificate in Teaching 1-2-1

The International House Certificate in 121 Methodology is designed to give participants a solid grasp of the main issues and techniques involved in teaching 121.

Who is it for?

  • It is a stand-alone course in teaching 121 aimed at qualified teachers currently practising teaching with 121 students or who are about to embark on teaching 121
  • It provides the background needed for a teacher undertaking the DELTA module 3 specialism in 121 teaching.


The IH 121 course is divided into 11 modules, which are a mixture of input, reflection on experience and discussion.  Each module has a set of pre-module reading and tasks along with weekly tasks. The modules focus on the following areas:

  • Motivation and learning
  • The role of the teacher and learner
  • The impact of culture
  • Needs analysis and profiling the student
  • Lesson planning and planning a series of lessons
  • Materials
  • Technology
  • Written reformulation
  • Spoken reformulation
  • Teaching YL

Structure and assessment

The course is run entirely online by qualified tutors. Assessment is based on an end of course portfolio. The portfolio is made of weekly tasks that complete each module. These put into practice the module input and encourage experimentation and reflection.  There is also an end of course assignment. 

Your portfolio must be submitted within two weeks of the course closure date. The grading of the course is Pass or Fail and is moderated by the IHWO Assessment Unit.

You can find out about the certificate you will receive here.

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Time commitment

The course is paced at one module per week. We anticipate participants spending a minimum of 7 hours per week online and doing tasks. In addition time is needed to do the pre-module reading and to complete each portfolio task.


The course fees stated are exclusive of 20% VAT.  VAT will be added to the fee if it is paid by a business or individual located in the UK.

Course fees must be paid in full prior to the start date.