IH Action Research Course

The course aims to equip teachers with a basic knowledge and understanding of how to conduct action research.

Who is it for?

  • Qualified and experienced language teachers who wish to know more about how to conduct classroom research.

Please note, while the course is open to all language teachers, the content and input are conducted in English so participants should have a minimum C1 level of English. 


Over the six week, participants:

  • Explore what action research is
  • Discuss the beliefs and principles of action research
  • Investigate common research paradigms i.e. critical enquiry
  • Discuss how to effectively evaluate background reading
  • Look at planning a research project and how to frame research questions
  • Explore different research methods and methods of collecting data
  • Consider how to evaluate their own work
  • Think about effective structure, organisation and use of language
  • Consider some useful advice for writing up results


Structure and assessment

While the course is fully online, it is blended between synchronous and asynchronous formats. There are weekly live online sessions run by the tutor.  While attendance at these is not compulsory, as all of them will be recorded, they do discuss the topics and input for the weekly asynchronous work. The course is run by a qualified online tutor.

There is no assessment for this course, however participants who take part in more than 80 percent of the course will be issued with a certificate of attendance. 

You can find out about the certificate you will receive here.

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Time commitment

The course is 6 modules long and paced at one module per week. It therefore lasts for six weeks. Participants are expected to spend a minimum of seven hours per week online and doing tasks. The actual time dedicated to the course varies from participant to participant and is dependent on the extent of the individual’s involvement in discussions. Participants can expect to spend approximately two further hours per week doing their own reading and research.


The course fees stated are exclusive of 20% VAT.  VAT will be added to the fee if it is paid by a business or individual located in the UK.

Course fees must be paid in full prior to the start date.