Delta 1 Exam Technique Preparation Course

By reviewing key areas of the exam, the Delta 1 Exam prep. course aims to ensure candidates are fully prepared for their exam.

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Who is it for?

  • Teachers needing revision before taking the Delta 1 examination
  • It is NOT a Delta 1 course.The intended participants are people who have recently done an advanced methodology course such as the IH CAM course or a Delta preparation course.

Important: Applicants will be asked to provide evidence that they have completed a Delta 1 methodology course or the IHCAM (or undertaken training equivalent to this). We will only accept candidates who meet this criteria to ensure the course will be beneficial for them.

Watch this video from Tanya Harn, Assessment and Training Coordinator at IH OTTI, to find out more about whether this course is for you. 


The course modules outline what is required for each task in the exam. Each module consists of 5 or 6 exercises beginning with some terminology revision, followed by a discussion, then exploring each question in detail. Candidates are advised on how to answer the questions and shown what constitutes a pass answer. They can also try out each task in full.

Structure and assessment

The course is run entirely online and is predominately self-study with answer keys provided. An approved Cambridge Delta tutor is available for advice and to assess task answers, but there is no formal assessment. Candidates must tackle the designated exam task for each week, but timetabling is flexible and they can set their own study hours.

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Time commitment

This course will demand a minimum of 5 hours per module.

More information

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