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Lacunza ih San Sebastian - Spanish courses offers a variety of courses for people from abroad staying in San Sebastian for some time, from a few months to several years. You can start from zero in our Trimester courses and really learn Spanish in a few months in a very structured and affordable course. We can also offer full flexibility in our private lessons.
Next to Tabakalera, the school is modern, with 17 classooms, all equipped for the learning of Spanish. And the best is our professional and permanent teachers and staff. Guided by our Director of Studies, we have carefully developped our syllabus, courses and classes to make learning an enjoyable and effective experience.


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Whether you want to learn Spanish as a hobby or for business related reasons, Lacunza IH has the perfect offer for you. At our school, you will find a pleasant atmosphere where you will study together with people from all ages, nationalities and cultures. You will study with an effective methodology which is focused on the practice and action of using the Spanish language for communication from day one. This model of teaching and learning guarantees the satisfaction and good results of students in all areas of communication.

We arrange housing for students during their stay at Lacunza IH. We offer five different options to suit all budgets and preferences: shared apartments, private housing, host families, student residences and hotels/hostels.

Our facilities are spacious, modern and comfortable. We have a social area, a library, computers with internet access, free WiFi, an open-air terrace and much more. We are located in the neighbourhood Egia where you will find interesting places to visit, such as the Cristina Enea park, the spectacular cultural centre Tabakalera, the pub-theatre La Farándula and the live concerts in Dabadaba and Le Bukowski. We are located just ten minutes from the city centre, the cathedral and the surf beach La Zurriola.


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The City

San Sebastian is located at the coast of the beautiful Basque Country. The city stands out for its beauty, its beaches and mountains, its old part of town, its waves, its gastronomy and its calendar full of events all year long. The city is surrounded by mountains with hiking trails where you can enjoy nature and beautiful views.

Its powerful ocean makes this city a real paradise for professional surfers as well as for beginners. The city is also known for its outstanding gastronomy. Try the bite-sized snacks in the “pintxobars" and the tempting daily menus of some of international master chefs.

Curso de formación inicial dirigido a personas interesadas en el campo de la Enseñanza del Español como Lengua Extranjera (E/LE) o segunda lengua (L2). Nuestro curso de formación de Profesores te ayuda a descubrir y desarrollar las destrezas necesarias para tu desarrollo docente.

El curso tiene una duración de 150 horas dividas en:
65 horas presenciales de teoría: centradas en el estudio de metodologías, técnicas, tareas y análisis lingüístico de la enseñanza del español.
55 horas presenciales de práctica: donde se imparten clases a estudiantes voluntarios. En estas sesiones también hay tiempo para la observación de clases y para el análisis en grupo de las clases impartidas.
30 horas de tareas autónomas: el alumno prepara su diario de clase, su portafolio y sus sesiones prácticas.
Nuestro curso está reconocido y certificado por UB Virtual-Universitat de Barcelona.

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