• Start Date: September 2019
  • Duration or End Date: June 2020 (with the possibility to return next academic year)
  • Salary: 60000 Rub - 78000 Rub

Essential role requirements

  • You must have a CELTA, Trinity TESOL, or equivalent initial teaching qualification
  • You must have a degree (e.g. BA, BSc)

Job Description

This is a both YL and adults post. 24 hours a week from Monday - Saturday with 2 days off: one weekday and Sunday. Our school has Wi-Fi, an interactive whiteboard(s), color photocopiers, a wealth of supplementary books and a solid e-library. All classrooms are provided with the computers and internet. All students have course books and all teachers have their own copies of all books, CDs, flashcards etc.,as required.

Other benefits

  • Flights: Find refund
  • Accommodation: Free single accommodation 5-minute walk from the school
  • Visa: Full visa support and reimbursement
  • Holiday: 42 days of annual paid holiday after every 12 months of completed work; paid state holidays

About the school and City

Visit our school site www.ihstavropol.com and you will see a huge (1500 students), modern and fashionable school with 25 classrooms, provided with computers and internet. Spacious Teacher Room with free Wi-Fi, computers, personal pigeon boxes has an enormous bulk of course books and supplementary materials. There is a well-equipped kitchen for the school staff with coffee and tea at school's expenses.
Stavropol is a city in the south of Russia, an administrative center of Stavropolsky krai as well as cultural, business and industrial center of the region. The mild climate, worldwide famous mountain and mineral water resorts nearby make living here very comfortable and attractive for our school overseas teachers. Our school overseas English teacher Mel Salomon writes: ”The simple beauty of the city, the many forests, parks and the lovely old buildings, has always impressed me. I fell in love with Stavropol on my first day here, and after 10 years, that love has not faded with time! Today I’m happy to call Stavropol my home!”

Take a look at the school page here.

How to apply:

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