• Start Date: 26/08/2019
  • Duration or End Date: 19/06/2020
  • Salary: EU teachers on fixed contracts: 3400 PLN – 3900 PLN + bonuses. Self- employed teachers (US and Polish citizens):  55 PLN per hour.

Essential role requirements

  • You must have a CELTA, Trinity TESOL, or equivalent initial teaching qualification
  • A clear and accurate model of English (full mastery of English across all 4 skills)
  • Due to visa and work permit requirements, we are only able to consider EU & USA passport holders.

Job Description

We offer :
* Work Mon-Fri - travel on weekends
* AM hours mostly - explore or relax in the afternoons
* Competitive salary + extra bonuses
* Professional EFL development opportunities - IH world certified
* Personal gratification and job satisfaction
* Teacher support
* Great place to visit and experience in East Europe

What does the job entail?
Teachers are given the unique learning opportunity to teach 2 groups of say, 5-year-olds, for 4 hours of English communication daily through interesting and fun subjects or activities such as art, outdoor play, breakfast, morning greeting time, story time, music and dance; having the same children for 4 hours daily will allow you to build strong and special bonds with each of them and make your day-to-day teaching experiences memorable and extremely satisfying!

Are English teachers assisted by other staff?
All our English teachers work side-by-side with English speaking Polish teachers and assistants so they always have a translator and help nearby.

What other things are teachers involved in?
Teachers take part in many programs and activities, for example, Forest Adventure (trips to the forest), Jolly phonics, extra curriculum activities, healthy eating choices, special shows, culture days, trips to the city’s theatres, museums and community services i.e. Police or Fire Station, day trips to plant nurseries, fun parks etc., walks, family fun days, Christmas and Easter events, just to name a few.

Do teachers get the support and assistance they need?
The quality of education a child receives is determined by the quality of the teacher so we are dedicated to you! We will strongly support you in all means possible. Some examples of these are, regular meetings, training sessions, an orientation and induction week (prior to starting work), peer knowledge sharing and observations, teaching guides, quality resources such as topic folders full of 1000s of colourful and laminated flashcards, a library of storybooks, music, art supplies, sporting equipment, toys and computer and office equipment, just to name a few.

What are the working hours?
Depending on your contract, they range between 20-25 hours weekly and mostly in the morning.
You will also be given the special opportunity to work for 2-3 hours weekly at our language school, International House.

Useful information:

- The school will pay 100% of the cost of emergency consultations with general doctors and specialists, emergency hospital treatment, and treatment for illnesses and injuries which occur in Poland. The school also pays 50% of the cost of prescriptions and emergency dental treatment. (Please note: this does not apply to self-employed teachers who have free access to publicly funded Health Care System in Poland)

- The school will offer:

- A ski pass valued at 400 PLN for a full academic year - dependent on the contract
- FREE. The opportunity to participate in the world recognized course IH CYLT (International House Certificate in Teaching Young Learners & Teenagers) upon completion of your first year’s contract and signing the next school year contract.
- FREE. 10 survival Polish lessons (for teachers on full academic year contracts).

- FREE daily breakfast & lunch in our canteen

IH Bielsko-Biala is committed to looking after the welfare of its staff and students and expects all employees to share this commitment. By applying for this job you confirm that you are of suitable character, safe to work with children and young people, and have no relevant criminal convictions.

Other benefits

  • Flights: Flight or travel assistance to help with re-location 300 (PLN) for EU citizens or 600 (PLN) for Americans
  • Accommodation: The school assists in finding accommodation and teachers are responsible for the monthly rental bills and all utilities. It is usual for tenants to pay 1 month's rent as a deposit upon signing the rental agreement.
  • Holiday (applies to fixed contracts) : 20 working days of paid holiday for a full academic year (for shorter contracts holiday is calculated pro rata) including a Christmas break, a winter break in Jan/Feb, an Easter break and a long weekend in May.

About the school and City

International House Bielsko was established in 1993 and has a very solid reputation in the local community for the great care we offer our students, families and teachers alike.

Since 2001 the school has been running an English Kindergarten First Steps for 1-6 year old children. The kindergarten is located in purpose-built premises with modern teaching facilities in the city center close to shops and a large shopping center, the main train and bus stations, a cinema, cafes, bars, restaurants etc. Having these facilities so close to our kindergarten saves time, eradicates long and tedious daily commutes and provides a quick stop for getting a meal, having a drink or simply meeting a friend someplace nice.

You can find more details about our kindergarten here: https://www.przedszkole.anglojezyczne.pl/en/przedszkole
and about International House Bielsko here: https://www.ih.com.pl/bielsko-biala/teachers_zone,s159.html

Why would a teacher want to live and teach in Bielsko-Biala?
We are located in the state of Silesia in the southern part of Poland. This is a great place to live because it has a lot to offer the modern day intrepid explorer, traveler or local resident -
* Enjoy rich natural beauty? - Miles and miles of wilderness pathways to enjoy on your own or with friends as we are situated at the foot of the Beskid Slaski and the Beskid Maly mountains
* Love hiking? - Endless mountain walking trails and enchanting mountain refugees for overnight stays
* Ever skied or snowboarded? - Try our lower slopes or take a cable car to a higher point, only a 10-minute bus ride from the city center
* Experienced winter sports person? - Let loose on one of Poland’s most renowned ski resorts, Szczyrk, only a 30-minute bus ride from the city center
* Looking for more? - We have something for everyone - modern and large fitness centres and gyms, tennis, horse riding, pubs and nightclubs, cinemas, clean and modern swimming pools, bowling, go-karting, mountain biking trails, ice-skiing, rollerblading, indoor wall climbing and jump parks, supermarkets (Tesco), international cuisine, dancing centres, pottery workshops etc.
* Fancy visiting Slovakia or the Czech Republic? - Jump on a bus or train and you won’t be disappointed, only a 30-60 minute bus or train ride from the city center. How about Prague, Vienna or Bratislava - only 3-4 hrs by train or bus
* Interested in historical architecture? - Wander around the city and admire our Art Nouveau, castle and old city area, we are known as “Little Vienna”
* World War History Buff? - Visit the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi concentration camp for the day, only 30 km from us
* Like eating and shopping? - Visit our 4 large shopping centers or roam amongst our quaint boutiques and hidden cellar bars and cafes throughout the city’s squares and cobblestoned alleyways
* How about some large urban exploration? - Regular and daily buses, coaches & trains to Katowice (45 minutes), Krakow (90 minutes), Wroclaw (3 hours), Warsaw (4 hours), Gdansk (7 hours but well worth the journey time) and inhale the secret health benefits of the iodine saturated air or find some treasure (amber) on the Baltic seaside only 8 hours away
* Wish to fly home for a break? - The 2 closest airports Katowice-Pyrzowice (Domestic & European cities) and Krakow (Domestic, European & America), are only 80kms away

Take a look at the school page here.

How to apply:

About you

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International House is committed to looking after the welfare of its staff and students, and expects all employees to share this commitment. By applying for this job you confirm that you are of suitable character, safe to work with children and young people, and have no relevant criminal convictions.

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