• Start Date: 4 June 2019
  • End Date: 15 August 2019
  • Salary: From £700 to £1,000 per week (plus 12.07% holiday pay) Depending on experience. Plus £240 for attending a 6 day induction programme.

Essential role requirements

  • The role is open only to those with the right to work in the EU.

  • You must have a degree (e.g. BA, BSc) 

  • CELTA qualification (desirable)

Job Description

The Centre Manager is the most senior post at the Young Learners Centre where the postholder is expected to successfully manage all aspects of the day to day running of the centre; including overseeing and implementing a robust and effective welfare, academic, leisure and transfers programme. 

The Centre Manager is responsible to the Head of Young Learners for ensuring that the centre is set up and managed according to International House London policies and procedures, and that International House London are providing and delivering the high quality service that our students, group leaders, agents and staff expect and deserve. 

The Centre Manager should be able to provide vision, leadership, support and direction to all staff under their management as well as all students and group leaders attending our course. 

The Centre Manager will need to liaise with the host school to ensure the effective day to day provision of services according to contractual agreement, whilst ensuring that the established interaction between International House London and the host school is and remains positive. 

A strong understanding of finance is fundamental to the role as the post holder must take responsibility for all financial matters including budget and ensuring that all documentation relating to financial transactions are correctly submitted in an orderly and timely fashion to the Head of Young Learners during and post course. 

Depending on centre, the Centre Manager may be asked to take overall responsibility for the academic, welfare and/or leisure programme. 

Main Responsibilities and Tasks 

Training, Staff Induction and Centre Preparation 

• To communicate with the Head of Young Learners prior to the start of the course and to visit the Young Learner centre (if possible) 
• To assist the Head of Young Learners (if necessary) in aspects of the final preparations prior to the start of the programme 
• To attend an induction period prior to the opening of the centre and to have read and be fully conversant with the Safeguarding and Child Protection policy, staff manuals, policies and procedures attached to this role, and that of your team. 
• To deliver staff induction for your team to ensure all staff are aware of and understand safeguarding, PREVENT and the centre’s emergency procedures. 

Staff Management 

• To be responsible for the management of all staff and departments, ensuring the successful overall running of the YL centre and that IH policies and procedures are adhered to. 
• To manage staffing requirements (working in conjunction with your management team and IH Management) to ensure that staff are aware of the expectations within their role and that supervision ratios are met at all times. 
• To monitor staff in conjunction with other members of the senior team, ensuring that all staff are performing to a high standard and to ensure any underperforming staff are managed correctly and in line with IH policy. 
• Working with the senior team to ensure that the staff rota is produced in a timely and accommodating manner, taking into account requested days off and the needs of the centre. 
• To seek feedback from staff on all aspects of the centre and to put actions into plans to improve the team’s performance and delivery. 
• To monitor staff performance throughout the course and providing IH London with written feedback on this at the end of the summer. 
• To ensure all staff appraisals are conducted by each department’s manager and to conduct senior staff appraisals at the end of the course. 


• To ensure that consistent and effective communication between all departments, students and Group Leaders is maintained throughout the course (in the form of meetings, assemblies etc.) 
• To deal with all student and Group Leader complaints, suggestions and issues in a timely, positive and effective manner ensuring a high standard of customer service. 
• To deal with all host centre issues complaints in a timely manner, keeping the Head of Young Learners informed (as necessary) ensuring that the relationship between the host centre and International House remains positive and productive. 
To monitor and communicate student and staff bed numbers to the Head of Young Learners, Director of Sales and Marketing and the host centre in conjunction with IH policy. 
• Preparing an end-of-course report to be communicated to IH Management with comments on the current year and suggestions for the next year. 
• To attend management meetings with the Head of Young Learners and/or IH Management (on Skype while at centre) in order to communicate any concerns, challenges or ideas for improvement during the running of the course. 

Other Responsibilities 

• To be on call /ensure 24-hour emergency telephone cover is provided. 
• To be fully conversant with the budget and other financial constraints of the programme and keep the Head of Young Learners fully informed of all financial transactions ensuring that all financial documentation is completed to a high standard. 
• To manage course budgets and staff expectations of available funds and to take responsibility for all cash on site including course finances and pocket money. 
• To ensure a clear handover of all financial, administrative and welfare documentation, materials and other items which pertain to the Young Learner Programme at the end of the course. 
• To understand and be conversant with IH Risk Assessments and updating / completing new risk assessments and to ensure that staff are aware of risk assessment methods and conclusions. 
• To ensure the welfare of all students, staff and group leaders is looked after during their stay at centre. 
• To flag up any safeguarding concerns with the Head of Young Learners and IH Management, and to follow up on these concerns according to IH policy, keeping the Head of Young Learners informed throughout the process. 
• To ensure that all relevant documentation regarding student permissions and medical records is filed and stored in a secure location in the office.

About the school and City

International House London welcomes over 8,000 language students from 150 countries each year. 

This role is based at the IH London summer school in Oxford. 

Situated an hour from London, Oxford is a small, safe and beautiful city, full of culture and history. The city is also close to Bath, Stratford-upon-Avon and Manchester. 

IH Oxford takes place at St Edward’s School in Summertown during the summer. 

St Edward's was founded in 1863 and is one of England's most prestigious boarding schools. It combines state of the art teaching, sporting and accommodation facilities in a beautiful and historic setting, all a short walk from the centre of Oxford. 

The grounds of St Edward's are secure and private providing students with a relaxing and safe environment.

Take a look at the school page here.

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