• Start Date: 27th August 2018
  • Duration: A 3 or 9-month contract with a possibility to extend
  • Salary: equivalent of 1,000 - 1,200 USD

Essential role requirements

  • You must have a CELTA, Trinity TESOL, or equivalent initial teaching qualification

Job Description

If you are a newly qualified teacher, who just completed their CELTA/TESOL training, have no practical experience and cannot wait to start your teaching career, CELTA Graduate Program with International House DNK is the right choice for you.

to start your teaching career with International House DNK

1. You will have a smooth introduction into teaching profession, participating in a one-week induction program before you even step into the classroom
2. You will be offered a reduced teaching load during the first month of your contract, giving you time to gradually build your confidence in the classroom and settle in a new culture.
3. You will be assisted daily with lesson planning by the Academic Support Team who will give you ideas and help with resources until you develop mastery and gain full independence.
4. You will benefit from regular lesson observations and feedback sessions by Academic Managers, who are internationally, licensed teacher trainers with years of experience.
5. You will experience working in a supportive atmosphere of a professional staff room, enjoying premium-quality centrally located premises, excellent facilities and a wealth of resources.
6. You will be part of an international team teaching open-minded, motivated and well-educated students from various social and cultural backgrounds.
7. You will be provided with a high standard fully furbished accommodation within walking distance from the school
8. You will enjoy a relatively low cost of living in an Eastern European economy, paying USD 0.5 for a bottle of beer or USD 20 for an overnight sleeper train across the country
9. You will have an opportunity to take weekly Russian lessons at no extra cost to better immerse into the local culture and quicker integrate with the local community
10. You will be making a fast track progression up the career ladder, taking advantage of IH World internal transfer system at the end of your contract in Ukraine

Other benefits

  • Flights: A return air fare covered by the school (conditions apply)
  • Accommodation: Accommodation provided by the school
  • Visa: Legalization in Ukraine dealt with by the schoo
  • Holiday:Paid holidays and sick leave (conditions apply)

About the school and City

International House DNK is an excellent place for those who are serious about teaching profession and who want to build and develop a career in TESOL.

You will spend long hours planning lessons and researching language items, teach early morning or late night classes, have split shifts or working Saturdays, experience culture clashes and feel homesick at times – it is all true. What you will get in return is an invaluable professional and cultural experience, well-developed classroom skills and an improved CV, as well as new friendships and professional relations that will last a lifetime.

Before applying you might want to watch a couple of videos of our teachers sharing their experience of living in Ukraine and teaching with International House DNK - the videos will most likely answer some of the questions you might have. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8jGnm6aqS4 - IH DNK teachers recalling their paths from newly born teacher to mature professional. 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jMAWI22j9g - our British teacher Chris Wilson showing some of his favourite places in Dnipro and giving a little tour of his flat and the school.

Take a look at the school page here.

How to apply:

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