Webinar: Implementing a CRM system

13 March 2020

The next IH Webinar is on the topic of Implementing CRM systems and will be delivered by Bernardo Morales on Friday 13th March at 12:00 GMT.

We are pleased to share a webinar this Friday, 12:00 GMT,  on implementing a CRM system in your organisations. This is a topic that generated a lot of interest among schools. 

The speaker Bernardo Morales, has been working with IH since 2006. He was a teacher and DOS with IH Bydgoszcz, IH Budapest, IH London and IH Madrid, then Digital Marketing Manager at IH Madrid. Having been in the network for many years he understands the needs of schools and is sharing his experience in using a CRM in his school. 

In this talk he looks at what a CRM ( Customer Relationship Management system) is, and talks through five practical steps to implementing one. This is demonstrated with the free version of Hubspot – showing what any school can do for free. (There are other CRM systems available, but you can start to explore the possibilities with this.) He also mentions the Hubspot academy – a huge resource of free marketing and social media advice and online courses that are well worth signing up for. 

How to access the webinar

The webinar will be available here in the IHWO Members' Area on Friday 13th March from 12:00 GMT. 

For anyone who missed February's webinar on YL safeguarding with Jen Dobson, this is also available to watch in the IHWO Members' Area here.