Trainers' weekend - Motivation

Brno, Czech Republic
21-22 February 2020

International House Brno is running another of its hugely successful Trainers’ Weekends in February 2020. This time it is Loraine Kennedy coming to Brno to take part in this fantastic event.

 Whether it is new trainees on an intensive course or a group of experienced teachers at a school, one of the most difficult tasks facing a trainer or manager is keeping the group and individuals interested and on track - the magic of motivation. 

 If this is a challenge you face then we would like to invite you to attend a unique mini-course that is aimed specifically at people like yourself, Academic Managers and Teacher Trainers, and that focuses on motivation.

"Attending was one of the biggest professional favours I've done myself in many years." - Neil Anderson, CELTA and DELTA Trainer, IH Budapest 

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