The Mindful Classroom - A seminar hosted by IH Arezzo

IH Arezzo
19 March 2018

On Monday 19th March IH Arezzo are hosting a seminar entitled The Mindful Classroom.

This session will look at the place mindfulness can play in making the classroom a more positive and productive place to be. Mindful practices in teaching and learning involve looking at student mindsets, body language, stress management and active listening. As mindfulness promotes kindness, acceptance, gratitude and non-judgement, we will be looking at how to respond with greater wisdom and flexibility to difficult emotions and experiences.


In the session the participants will be exposed to authentic materials and video to help stimulate discussion and interest. Participants will be asked to reflect through practical activities which will allow them the opportunity to understand which mindfulness themes could be incorporated into their own personal context.

The seminar will be recorded and will be made available upon request.

For info and registration forms, please contact Egle or Elisa

If you want to watch the recorded session, please contact Teresa

BIO: Chantelle Walsh

Chantelle Walsh is a Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Director of Studies of Lingua Point, Reggio Emilia. She has been teaching a wide range of students of all ages and levels since 2000. She is a graduate in Irish Language and Literature from University College Dublin, and also holds the Higher Diploma in Education from Maynooth University, Ireland. Chantelle has trained teachers for many years in both primary and secondary state schools in Italy, and has created and developed a number of workshops and materials in the area of  English for Specific Purposes. She is particularly interested in the inclusive classroom, finding the right learning paths for diverse groups of students, and engaging all individuals in the learning process.