Objection Handling in Sales

24 March 2022
13:00 to 14:00

A sales objection is any concern a potential client raises in reference to a barrier obstructing their decision to buy from you.

This webinar is about objection handling in sales - what to do, ask and say and how to learn from it. It will cover how to effectively handle objections and obstacles from potential clients (and existing ones) to both move the sale on and improve for the next time.

There is no need to register - we will mail the zoom link directly to all IH schools.  

Virtually every prospect you will speak to has sales objections or reasons they're hesitant to commit to booking one of your courses  — if they didn't have reservations about price, timing, or what the course would be like they would have already made the booking. 

Objection handling is a natural part of selling, but it can be a significant roadblock when you're trying to move prospects through the pipeline. We are are delighted that Nicola Lutz is here to help us through this roadblock.  

Nicola Lutz has been in our sector for 26 years and runs No Fluff, a sales training and mentoring company for study abroad professionals. She is a CPD Accreditation member and Fellow of the Institute of Sales Professionals.