Learning Opportunities for Teachers @ IH Bucharest

1 Oct - 10 Dec 2021

International House Bucharest is happy to offer 3 online events which are great free learning opportunities for teachers between 1st October and 10th December 2021. 

See more information and register for the relevant events below.  

Tips for teaching high-level learners

October 1st, 11:30 – 12:30 local time Bucharest, Romania
Online Training

This session will look at a range of approaches, ideas and practical tips for teaching learners at C1 and above. It will include approaches to teaching grammar, ideas for maximising vocabulary input and use, use of authentic materials, and ways of teaching speaking at these levels. There will be a focus on lesson shapes, ideas and practical tips that can be applied across General English, Cambridge exams and other classes at C1 and above.

About the speaker: Lewis Richards

Lewis RichardsLewis Richards is DOS and Director of Teacher Development at International House Portsmouth. He has taught EFL for over 25 years, and specialises in exam teaching and high-level classes. He is the author of two IELTS books (IELTS Advantage Writing Skills and Build up to IELTS). He is also a CELTA and DELTA tutor.

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Parachute Training For Teachers

November 12th, 11:30 – 12:30 local time Bucharest, Romania
Online Training

Have you ever learnt to sky-dive?
If you have, you may recall receiving this instruction…
“Immediately after you pull the rip cord, shout out at the top of your lungs ONE THOUSAND, TWO THOUSAND, THREE THOUSAND – CHECK!!!! When you shout 'CHECK!', tilt your head back and look above your head. If you see your parachute canopy opening, relax and enjoy the ride. If you don’t, reach for your reserve parachute rip cord and pull it. Repeat. If you see your reseerve parachute canopy opening, relax and enjoy the ride...
If you don’t, relax anyway, because it will all be over before you know it.”
Macabre as the punchline is, there is actually a great deal of sense in this short lesson – both for novice sky-divers and for teachers of all levels of experience. In this session, we will look at wait-time and why it matters, not only for clarity of communication, especially online, but also for the impact and effectiveness of the questions teachers ask in class. We will work on developing patience and a sense of time, as well as working on effectively exploiting the contributions that - hopefully - our students have more space to make as a result.

Anthony Gaughan

Anthony GrahamI am a teacher and teacher-trainer based in Germany. I work mainly as a Cambridge CELTA Assessor and Tutor, a Cambridge DELTA Module 2 Tutor, a Trinity DipTESOL Online Tutor, reviewer and presenter for ELT publishers, and translator. I am professionally interested in minimalist approaches to teaching such as Dogme ELT, and have volunteered for teacher's associations nationally and worldwide. In the past, I have also been a Cambridge Speaking Examiner, barman, fencing coach, librarian, and security guard. In my spare time, I enjoy running, cycling, and occasionally dipping a toe in the water.

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STOP! You’re doing it all wrong.

December 10th, 11:30 – 12:30 local time Bucharest, Romania
Online Training

As language teachers we all understand the power of words and the importance of communicating things clearly and in the right way; but are we always practising what we preach? When we speak to students or parents, or as managers to teachers and staff we need to be able to deliver a message that is understood by the listener in the same way we mean it as the speaker. We need to frame our words in the right way, ensure we are highlighting the right information and leave people feeling that they have benefited from their communication with us - are we doing it all wrong? Probably not, but let's slow down, take a step back and think about other ways we could say things.

About the Speaker David Cleary

David ClearyDave has over 20 years experience as an English teacher, teacher trainer, academic manager and school manager. He is currently the Director of Projects and Innovation at ILC International House Brno in the Czech Republic and also a freelance trainer. Before the pandemic he also ran the successful Trainers' Weekends in Brno. He holds both a DELTA and a Masters in International Business Management, giving him a unique perspective into what managers and trainers need to run successful schools and programs. As a trainer Dave likes to offer insights and ideas to teachers, and also ELT managers and teacher trainers.

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